Cloze Test-3 

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Cloze Test-3 

Test – 03

The latest stage of the continuing ….(1)…. between India and the United States on the nuclear issue is now punctuated with pleasing diplomatic observations. Our latest round of talks with the American Deputy Secretary of State is “positive and encouraging”. The US Deputy Secretary of State remarked that” none of us are pleased to have any cloud over then ….(2)….. We in Indian know that these clouds have ….(3)…. towards the subcontinent from the West. The US can easily disperse the clouds if it wants. But the Economic sanctions are still in place. The US is only ….(4)…. trying to come to terms with the fact that the nuclear weapons are not the ….(5)…. of the Permanent Members of the Security Council. If they do not recognize India as a nuclear power, then what is it that they are ….(6)…. to? India will not ….(7)…. by their de-recognising the nuclear tests. Both sides can happily close….(8)…eyes and agree to ….(9)…. what has happened. The fact that India is a sovereign nation, entitled to take decision beneficial for its own security, has not been altered by the tests. The US has come round to ….(10)….that India has some say in this matter.
1. (a) adversaries (b) negotiations
(c) strifes (d) strategies
(e) disputes

2. (a) relationship (b) negotiations
(c) matter (d) talks
(e) countries

3. (a) formed (b) eclipsed
(c) reined (d) covered
(e) floated

4. (a) spontaneously (b) generously
(c) grudgingly (d) gracefully
(e) willingly

5. (a) threats (b) creations
(c) properties (d) monopoly
(e) possessions

6. (a) prepared (b) objecting
(c) pointing (d) clinging
(e) planning

7. (a) gain (b) differ
(c) flourish (d) suffer
(e) develop

8. (a) their (b) our
(c) naked (d) inward
(e) both

9. (a) imitate (b) undo
(c) cherish (d) cherish
(e) ignore

10. (a) expecting (b) suspecting
(c) accepting (d) advocating
(e) rejecting

Cloze Test-3 
Answer : 
1. B 2. A 3. E 4. C   5. D 6. C 7. D 8. A  9. E 10. C


Cloze test

Cloze Test-3