Cloze Test -2

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Cloze Test -2

Test – 02

India’s ….(1)…. over the past half century since independence has been unique and ….(2)…. in many ways. Yet the record is ….(3)…. in relation to what the country set out to achieve and could certainly have been ….(4)…. It is ….(5)…. to look at both sides; the alternative is to be ….(6)…. down by unrelieved gloom or unwarranted ….(7)….. The fact is that after eight 5-year plans, about 40 per cent of population is ….(8)…. below the poverty line. The human development indices are….(9)…. low, placing India at the 126th position in the world table, far below many countries that came into ….(10)…. much later than it did.

1. (a) development (b) domination
(c) predicament (d) history
(e) excellence

2. (a) dubious (b) insignificant
(c) desperate (d) special
(e) commendable

3. (a) outshining (b) broken
(c) disappointing (d) brighter
(e) played

4. (a) underplayed (b) accomplished
(c) tampered (d) noteworthy
(e) exaggerated

5. (a) proposed (b) futile
(c) impracticable (d) necessary
(e) suggested

6. (a) laid (b) struck

(c) cooled (d) weighted
(e) brought

7. (a) progress (b) debating
(c) meticulousness (d) haste
(e) complacency

8. (a) much (b) still
(c) obviously (d) found
(e) far

9. (a) deplorably (b) admirably
(c) surprisingly (d) not
(e) amusingly

10. (a) world (b) being
(c) independence (d) compete
(e) India

 Cloze Test -2      

Answer:  keys-

1. A 2. E 3. C 4. B  5. D 6. A 7. E 8. B   9. A 10. B