Cloze Test – 04

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Cloze Test-4 

Test – 04

Bret Bonson loved animals ….(1)….on a family-owned zoo. He had grown up caring for antelope, deer and wildcats. He was ….(2)…., at times stubbornly, protective. Once, when a tiger cub was born with a deformed leg, the local veterinarian and Bret’s parents ….(3)….the animal would never live a full life. Even so, the boy bottle-fed the cub and cared for it. ….(4)….Bret’s mothering, the cub died, but Bret’s mothering ….(5)….lived on.
He worked at a Safari park where, in 1980, he trained his first African elephant and found his true ….(6)….. From the beginning Bonson was ….(7)…. By elephants. They have the ….(8)….force to uproot trees and can outrun the fastest human sprinter. But they also have ….(9)…. Fine motor skills. The same trunk that could ….(10)….the front end of an automobile or fracture a predator’s skull could gently ….(11)….a peanut from the finger of small child.

1. (a) created      (b) constructed
(c) built               (d) erected
(e) raised

2. (a) methodically (b) carefully
(c) fiercely               (d) suitably
(e) actually

3. (a) believed        (b) valued
(c) expressed         (d) imagined
(e) exhibited

4. (a) Until          (b) Unless
(c) Instead          (d) Despite
(e) Although

5. (a) belief          (b) instinct
(c) love                (d) passion
(e) care

6. (a) companion (b) attitude
(c) calling             (d) friend
(e) abode

7. (a) absorbed      (b) alarmed
(c) attacked           (d) attached
(e) awed

8. (a) empowered (b) brute
(c) tall                     (d) high
(e) exhibited

9. (a) domestic       (b) durable
(c) devastating       (d) delicate
(e) dubious

10. (a) hoist        (b) puncture
(c) disturb          (d) attack
(e) deflate

11. (a) protect        (b) tender
(c) abandon           (d) pluck
(e) touch

Cloze Test – 04
1. E 2. E 3. A 4. D 5. D 6. C 7. E 8. B  9. D 10. A 11. D 

Cloze Test – 04


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