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Today we are going to tell you some important  CBSE GRAMMAR  PART -8 OF CLASS- 10TH  , Friends its very useful grammar to read and share it , if you like  friends its very useful grammar to exam purpose so friends read  and understand its very simple to understand  CBSE GRAMMAR  PART -8


Class -10th 

Q.1. Rearrange  the  given words/ Phrases to from sensible sentences: 

(a)  is a / saffron  /spice  /from the  / derived /  flower -crocus  sativus 

(b) highly / very / aromatic / it is  /and  / expensive 

(c) also has  /  it  / health / numerous / benefits 

(d)  of  / 90% / is / in / cultivated / the  /saffron  / world’s /Iran 

Answer –

(a)  Saffron is a spice derived from the flower-crocus sativus .

(b) It is highly aromatic and very  expensive. 

(c)  90 % of the  world’s  saffron is  cultivated  in Iran .

(d)  It also numerous health benefits.

Q.2. Rearrange the following  words and Phrases to form meaningful sentences: 

(a)  Precious gift / is a life  / from God / to us .

(b) thankful / should / be / we / God / to  / it / for

(c) God /some  /remember / only / people / distress / in 

(d) Some  / believe / In / do  not / unfortunately / God. 

Answer – 

(a)  Life is a precious gift to us  from God. 

(b)  We should be thankful to God for it.

(c)  Some  people remember God  only  in  distress. 

(d) Unfortunately   some do not  believe in God . 

Q. 3. Rearrange the following  words & Phrases to form meaningful sentences: 

(a)  algebra and / a week  / me  /  geometry twice /  he  taught 

(b) very  poor  / subjects  / I was / in  these  /earlier

(c)  very  / now / proficient / have become  / in  them  / I 

(d) and my  / persistence  / hard work / to  his / thanks

Answer – 

(a) He taught me  algebra and  geometry twice a  week . 


Twice a week  he taught me  algebra and  geometry.

(b)  I was  very poor in these subjects  earlier . 


 Earlier I was  very  poor  in  these subjects.

(C) Now I have  become very proficient in them. 


 I have  become very  proficient in them now.


I have  now become  very  proficient  in them .

(d) Thanks to his  persistence and  my hard work. 

Q. 4. Rearrange the following  words & Phrases to form meaningful sentences: 

(a) no  parallel / discipline / of any  kind  / has 

(b) go together / duties / should / discipline / and  rights.

(c)  equally important /should be / trreated / for  a / they  / satisfying life.

(d) the other / or  ignores / very bad  / it will / if  one / prove / overlaps.

Answer  – 

(a)  Discipline has  no parallel of any kind.

(b) Discipline duties and rights should go  together. 

(c) They should be  treated equally  important for  a satisfying life .


For a satisfying life,  they should be  treated  equally important.

(d) It will  prove very bad  if  one  overlaps or  ignores the other. 



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