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Today we are going to tell you some important  CBSE GRAMMAR  PART -6 OF CLASS- 10TH  , Friends its very useful grammar to read and share it , if you like  friends today we are going to tell about cbse grammar  friends its very useful grammar to exam purpose so friends read  and understand its very simple to understand 


Class -10th 

Q.1. Rearrange of the following word Clusters to make meaning ful sentences.

(a) rain water  / flooding / helps / harvesting / in / chances of / reducing .

(b) storm / helps/also /better /water/ it/water management/in 

(c) plant growth / in / storing / rain water /can / help / improving

(d) is / from /stored /natural and  / pollutants / rain water/ free / man made

(e) out / the  / street / earthquake /another /on /people/came/ fearing

Answer – 

(a) Rain water harvesting helps in  reducing chances of flooding .

(b) IT also  helps in better  water  management in  storm .

(c) Storing rain water  can help in  improving plant growth.

(d) Rain water  is natural and free  from man made  pollutants.

(e) Fearing another  earthquake people came out  on the  street .

Q.2. Rearrange the following  words or Phrases into meaningful sentences.

(a) are / measurements / amount of / of the /  calories / energy / provided by /  different  foods.

(b) Overweight / get  /people /take in / they / when /calories /  more energy/ or /than / use up / they daily activities / in 

(c)  extra energy / The  / in the body / stored / is / from of  /fat  /in  the 

(d) a lot of / requires/ mountaineering / a  expedition / careful planning

Answer  – 

(a) Calories are measurements of the  amount of energy provided by different foods.

(b) People get overweight when they  take in more calories or energy than they  use up in daily activities.

(c) The Extra energy is stored in the body in the  form of fat.

(d) A mountaineering expedition requires a lot of careful planning.



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