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4.The Brook – Alfred Tennyson

Brook (11th EM)

HELLO FRIENDS ,  TODAY WE ARE GOING TO TELL YOU 4.The Brook – Alfred Tennyson , Special Brook , friends  this post is related to  class – 11th em  and other   poetry . its important to  exam purpose  some important questions. Brook (11th EM) Alfred Tennyson  Special Brook  4.The  Brook (11th EM) 4.The Brook   … Read more 4.The Brook – Alfred Tennyson

3.My Mother(11th EM)

3.My Mother (11th EM)

HELLO FRIENDS , TODAY WE ARE GOING TO TELL YOU 3.My Mother(11th EM). friends this post is  very useful to exam. Special English Class – 11th  3.My Mother                                                                                                                                               –Nirad C.Chaudhari Q.1.Wherewere the two deep wrinkles formed in his mother’s face? Ans. There were two deep wrinkles between her eyebrows. Q.2. what produced wrinkles on … Read more 3.My Mother(11th EM)

Patriotism (Class -11 EM)

Patriotism (Class -11 EM)

HELLO FRIENDS,  TODAY WE ARE GOING TO TELL YOU Patriotism (Class -11 EM) .What is Patriotism (Class -11 EM)  . it tellls about Patriotism (Class -11 EM) . Poet tell it ……………..  Some important Question Answer 1.Patriotism (Poem)         – Sir Walter Scott Class – 11th EM Special  English Q.1. whose soul does the poet say is … Read more Patriotism (Class -11 EM)