Can we stop the Earthquakes?

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General English

Class – 11th

9.Can we stop the Earthquakes?   

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Q.1. what is the effect of an earthquake when it occurs under sea?

Ans.  If an earthquake strikes under sea, huge tidal waves are   produced which sweep inland parts.

 Q.2. How do the Californian earth quake stations detect earthquakes?

Ans.  The two stations are linked by a laser beam and if there is any movement under them a warning is  sounded.

Q.3. what is the ‘chandle wobble’?

Ans. This is the wobbling of the earth as it spins on its axis. This is caused by the change in the position of the earth in relation to the stars. 

Q.4.  How does seismology help scientists to find the cause of earthquake?

Ans. It does a careful and accurate monitoring of tremors in the earth and records them for their help.

Q.5 .Give  the location of the three major earthquake Zones.         

Ans .The first run along the eastern coast of Asia to Alaska and the western coast of North America. It crosses to Mexico and goes up to the Caribbean Sea. The second goes down the western coast of south America and the  third runs across the south of Europe and north Africa ,through Greece and Turkey into the middle of Asia. 

Can we stop the Earthquakes?

Can we stop the Earthquakes?


Can we stop the Earthquakes?