Bharat Our Land

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1.Bharat Our Land

                                                                         Class – 9th EM                    – Subramania Bharti

Special English

Q.1.The sunny golden land of India makes it unique. Name such two things that make india unique.

Ans. The mighty Himavant and the generous Ganga.

Q.2.The poet describes the ganga as ‘generous’. suggest two more adjectives that can be used with the Ganga .

Ans.  ‘Holy’ and ‘graceful’.

Q.3. Name at least two other holy scriptures of India.

Ans. 1.The Ramayan   2. The Gita

Q.4.What is the contributions of the brave and the sages to  this  country?

Ans. The brave people have proved to be gallant warriors and the sages have purified Bharat our  Land.

Q.5.What is the root of Indian philosophy and culture?

Ans. The brahma knowledge is the  root of Indian philosophy and   culture .

Q.6. What negative Quality have we removed from us?

Ans. we have removed the negative Qualities of danger, poverty, self- interst and  cowardly indifference from us.

Q.7. Name two specialities which made Bharat unique and famous.

Ans. Abundance of  food grains, fruits and potables and  absence of  danger, poverty etc. are the specialities  that have made Bharat unique and famous.

1.Bharat Our Land

Bharat Our Land