Bharat – Our land

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Today we are going to tell you about of extract  poem  Bharat – Our land. friends this poem is written by Subramania Bharati.its aclass 9th EM  Bharat – Our land

Special English 

class – 9th 

Bharat – Our land

Extract : –

Q.1. Read the  extracts from the poem carefully and  answer the question  given  under  them:

Gallant warriors have lived here,

Many a sages has sanctified this land

The divinest music has been heard here ,

And here all auspicious things are found

Here Brahma- knowledge has taken root,

And the Buddha preached his dhamma here.

Of  hoary antiquity is Bharat,

She’s peerless, let’s praise her?

Questions :

  1. What have sages done with this land?
  2. What did the Buddha do ?
  3. What do you mean by ‘auspicious’?
  4. Give the synonym of ‘Gallant’.
  5. Name of the Poet

Answer :

  1. Sages have sanctified this land.
  2. The Buddha has preached his dhamma.
  3. Favourable
  4. Brace
  5. Subramania Bharti

Q.2..Read the  extracts from the poem carefully and  answer the question  given  under  them:

The  mighty Himavant is ours –

There’s no equal anywhere on earth

The generous Ganga is ours-

Which other river can match her grace?

The Sacred Upanisheds are ours-

What scriptures else to name with them?

This sunny  golden land is ours-

She’s peerless let’s praise her ?

Questions :

  1. The Sunny golden land of India makes it unique. Name two such things that make India Unique.
  2. What is the meaning of ‘peerless’?
  3. Name the poem.
  4. Name the Poet.


  1. The mighty Himavant and the generous Ganga make India unique.
  2. Without equal
  3. Bharat – Our land
  4. Subramania Bharati


Bharat – Our land extract


Bharat – Our land