TODAY WE ARE GOING TO TELL YOU  ANCIENT CIVILISATIONS . FRIENDS  this post is very useful to  copeitions examinations purpose . friends ancient civilisations is know more about of some important questions and answer so friends this post is very usefull to  all exam.  ANCIENT CIVILISATIONS FRIENDS  UPDATE YOURSELF   

Ancient  Civilisations 

Q. Answer the following  questions  to learn more about  Ancient Civilisations .

Q. 1. Which ancient Civilisations developed along the Hwang Ho River  (Also  Known as the  Yellow  River) ?

(A) Egyptian civilisation      (B)  Chinese Civilisations.

Ans.  (B)  Chinese Civilisation

Q.2. Ziggurats were temple towers found in the sacred area  of the cities. these were  found in which ancient civilisation ?

(A) Mesopotamian  civilisation       (B)  Egyptians Civilisation

Ans. (A) Mesopotamian  Civilisation

Q.3. Which  Civilisation is credited with the  invention of paper , block printing and  manufacture of  Gunpower ?

(A) Indus Valley       (B)  Chinese

Ans.  (B)  Chinese

Q.4. The ancient Greek Historian , Herodotus , called this Civilisation the ‘ Gift of the Nile ‘  . which was  this  Civilisation ?

(A) Egyptian      (B)  Chinese

Ans. (A) Egyptian

Q.5. which civilisation believed in the  philosophy  of  Confucianism and  Taoism?

(A) Indus Valley       (B)  Chinese

Ans.(B)  Chinese

Q.6. which  Civilisation  was  ruled by pharaohs ?

(A) Mesopotamian  civilisation       (B)  Egyptians Civilisation

Ans. (B)  Egyptians Civilisation

Q.7. The meaning of the  term for the  form of writing developed by  the  Egyptians  is  sacred writing ‘ . Which  is the  term  ?

(A) Cuneiform        (B)  Hieroglyphic

Ans.   (B)  Hieroglyphic

Q.8. Which was the land  between two rivers –  The  Tigris  and  the  Euphrates ?

A) Mesopotamian         (B)  Egyptians

Ans. (A) Mesopotamian

Q.9. The  Tiger  and  Euphrates rivers are  located in which  country ?

A) Iran          (B)  Iraq

Ans.     (B)  Iraq

Q.10 .  The Meaning of which of the  following Indus Valley Civilisation  cities  is the  mound of the  dead ?

A) Mohanjodaro          (B)  Harappa

Ans.   A) Mohanjodaro