An Election Scene

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Q. 1. With the help of the verbal input produce a small write –up on ‘A Scene at an  Election booth’.

Queue of voters polling officers, presiding officers and pollings agents- indelible ink- polling box- electronic voting machine.

Ans.                                                                        An Election Scene  


    A Scene at an Election Booth

In front of the polling booth, there was a long queue of people waiting for their turn to go in. Inside the booth there were a couple of polling officers and a presiding officer on one side and some polling agents on the other. A polling officer was checking the voter’s name, marking it and demanding proof of identification. The other polling officer was putting an indelible ink mark on the voter’s index finger of the left hand Then the presiding officer asked him to go into the voting box where he had readied the electronic voting machine for him to vote. The voter went in pressed the button of his choice and left the booth.

Q.2. Using the following points prepare a write-up –on “Getting a Railway Reservation Done”.

Reservation counters, queues , filling in the form what happened at the  reservation counter.

Ans.                                        “Getting a Railway Reservation Done”

There were long queues at the counters. I took a form and filled it giving the date  of journey, the name and number of the train, number of birth required and  journey from and to the  railway station. Along with this, I had to give the names, age and sex of the persons traveling. Then I took my place in a Queue. When my turn came, I handed the form in and the man searched on his computer. After a couple of minutes he told me that the berths were available. On getting my consent he worked again on his computer, tore the ticket and gave it to me when I pad him the money.

A Scene at an Election Booth

An Election Scene

“Getting a Railway Reservation Done”

Railway Reservation Scene