USE Between,Among,By & ‘with’

USE Between,Among,By & ‘with’

3.Between : – it is used to things or two man  ideas.

Ex –  1. Divide this property between the two brother.

  1. distribute these mangoes between the two man

3.there are rose a dispute between Ram & Hari.

4.there is a passage between the two lanes.

4.Among : – it is used to more than two men and things.

Ex – 1. Distribute the sweets among the students.

  1. The father divided his property among his sons.

3.he passed the night among the aliens.

  1. Divide this property among the three brothers.

5.By  : –  (1) it is used to before the  word to show the agent or subject or living person.

Ex – 1. Ram was beaten by his brother.

  1. thief was caught by the police.

3.the letter was written by Ram

4.The branch of the tree was cut by the servant.

(2) In passive voice when work done to another –

Ex – 1. A book was read by me

2.A pen was given to me by him.

(3) to tell the time in watch –

Ex – is ten by my watch.

(4) to show the action  form. –

Ex – 1. Cloth is sold  by the metre.

  1. The lion caught the lamb by its leg.
  2. With : – (1) . it is used to word before to show  instrument or tools instruction.

Ex – 1. The lion was killed by Ram  with a sward      2. He killed a snake with a stick.

3.the letter was written with a ball pen   4.the branch of the tree was cut with an axe.

  1. he writes with a pen.

(2) In Talking Sense.

Ex – 1.Don’t talk s with bad boys.

(3)   To show method –

Ex- 1. he killed a snake with stick.

  1. He shot him with a gun.

(4) To show  relation with together-

Ex –  1. The boys went to the zoo with their parents.

  1. he works with me.
  2. union of some kind

Ex – 1. He was playing  with his friend .

  1. he does not have time to spend with his children. Quality show-

Ex – 1. She was a girl with red hair.

  1. he is a man with long beards.
  2. carry ing something

Ex – he was a hunter with  a gun.

  1. instrument /material sense-

Ex – 1. He cut the apple with a knife.

  1. he killed the bird with a stone.
  2. fill the bowl with water.
  3. in reason sense-

Ex – 1. I was sick  with fever.

  1. they were dancing with joy.
  2. show do the work in method-

Ex – 1. I will do it with pleasure.

  1. he heard me with patience.
  2. to show agree felling –(sahmati ka bhav)

Ex – 1. I am always with you.

  1. in defence (birod ka bhav)

Ex – 1. He quarreled with me.

  1. in separation felling –

Ex – 1. I could never part with this ring

  1. in spite of –

Ex – 1. With all  his wealth he is in debt

  1. with all her faults he liked her.
  2. indicating point of reference.

Ex – he is not popular with his pupils.

  1. some other uses of ‘with’.

Ex – 1. Skill comes with experience.

  1. my father is pleased with my result.

3.what should I do with you?