After Apple – picking   Extract 

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Lesson –9

After Apple –Picking

                                                          – Robert Frost

 Special English – 12th 

Poetry  –

 Extract  – 1 

My long two – pointed ladder’s sticking through a tree 

Toward  heaven still ,

And  there’s a  barrel that I didn’t  fill

Beside it , and there may  be  two  or three

Apples  I didn’t  pick upon some bough ( शाखा )

But  I am done with apple – picking now.

Essence of  winter sleep is on the night,

The scent of apple : I am drowsing off  ( उघना )

I cannot  rub the strangeness from my sight

I got from looking through a  pane of glass. ( काँच का टुकड़ा )

Questions :

  1. What action of the poet does the first line refer to  ?
  2. ……… of winter sleep is on the night.
  3. Find a word which means the same as ‘sleepy’.
  4. What can the poet not rub from his sight?

Answers :

  1. The act of ‘Apple – picking ‘  is  referred to in  the  first line.
  2. ‘Drowsing’ means the same as ‘sleepy’.
  3. The poet cannot rub strangeness from his sight.


Extract  – 2 


Of  load on load of apples coming in .

For I have  had too much

Of apple –picking: I am overtired

 Of the great harvest I myself desired.

There were ten thousand thousand  fruit to touch,


  1. What does the first line refer to ?
  2. ……. : I am 
  3. What did the poet desire?
  4. Find a word that means same as ‘wished’.


  1. The first line it refers to the piling of apples.
  2. Of apple – picking
  3. The poet desired for so much harvest , that there were ten thousand to touch.
  4. ‘Desired’  means same as ‘ Wished;.

9.After Apple – picking   Extract