After Apple -Picking by Robert Frost

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After Apple -Picking by Robert Frost

Lesson –9

After Apple –Picking

                                                      – Robert Frost

Questions  &  Answers

 Q. Answer the following question.

Q.1. Why does  the poet say that he is  done with apple- picking?

Ans.  The poet say that he is done with apple – picking because he has  spent sleepless  nights.

Q.2. What does the poet  see in his dreams?

Ans.  The  Poet  sees magnified apples appearing and  disappearing  in his dreams.

Q.3. What helps the  poet in balancing his  weight on the  ladder-round?

Ans. The  instep  arch  helps the  poet  in  balancing his weight on the  ladder – round.

Q.4. What is the  meaning of  ‘fleck of russet’?

Ans. It means a very small area of  reddish brown colour of apples.

Q.5. Why can’t the poet rub strangeness from his sight?

Ans. The Poet  is  overtired of apple –picking still there are a lot to pick. He has  gone sleepless for  many nights. He is drowsing off with the  essence of the apples . whatever he saw from  the pane of his  window , the fact is far more different . so he is amazed.

Q.6. What is implied by the phrase, ‘just some human sleep’?

Ans. Here the expression ‘just for human  sleep’ implies  that  human being  is to have a  litle rest  after working  for a  certain period continuously. It is this need of his  body  system  which refreshes to  enable him to work again with  energy. So he  works in the  day  and  sleeps at night . here  as he is overtired , he  wishes just  for human sleep.

 Q.7.Give the central idea of the poem ‘ After Apple –Picking’.2009

Ans. After Apple –Picking   is a well- known  poem on man’s encounter with the  natural  world probing dilemma of his  existence. Here the poet gives reflections on boredom and drugery  in the  aftermath of the task of picking apples. The  overtired apple- picker  fails to  enjoy his  life amid the pristine  natural  beauty . The poem is trapped in the  utilitarian  ways of moderns  civilizations. Its central theme is  that modern civilization marked by the  culture  of excessive work  for  increasing material gain leads to no end.

Q.8. Justify the title of the  poem , ‘ After Apple –Picking’.

Ans. After Apple –Picking  is a suitable title  for this poem. In this poem the poet gives his feeling for the  overstrained civilization and way of modern life. Through the work of  apple –picking . he explains his ideas, Apple symbolises a fruit of high worth from every point of view. The poet has a  bumper harvest of apple and  while picking it up  gets overtired . Eevery situation reflects the poet  view and  all through apple. Use of ‘after’ symbolises far greater aspect of life which shows that after picking up the apple , his job will be  done. What would happen after that will  the poet sleep for now or for ever.


After Apple -Picking by Robert Frost