A Prayer for My Daughter- Extract

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A Prayer for My Daughter- Extract

Lesson –7

A Prayer for My Daughter 

                                                                  – William Butler Yeats

 Class – 12th  EM

Q. Read the  extract  answer the following questions – 

Extract  – 1

I have walked and prayed for this young child an hour

And heard the sea – wind scream  upon the tower ,

And  under the arches of the  bridge, and scream;

Imagining in excited reverie

 That the  future years had come,

Dancing to a  frenzied drum ,

Out of the murderous innocence of the sea .

Questions :

  1. Who does the  young child in the  first line refer to ?
  2. …………. Scream  upon the 
  3. What sort of future does the poet expect?
  4. Find a word from the passage which means same as  ‘madness’.

Answers :

  1. The poet’s new born daughter.
  2. The sea wind
  3. The future is uncertain.Bloodshed, anarchy , cruelty and other such evils may be  expected all around.
  4. ‘Frenzied’ is similar in meaning to ‘madness’.

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Extract  – 2  

In courtesy I’d have her chiefly learned:

Hearts are not had as a gift but hearts are earned

By those that  are not  entirely beautiful;

Yet many , that have played the fool

For beauty’s  very self, has  roved,

Loved and  thought himself beloved ,

From a glad kindness cannot take his eyes.

Questions :

  1. ……………. Are not had  as a gift.
  2. Who does ‘I’ refer to in the first line ?
  3. What does the poet indicate in the fourth line?
  4. Find a word from these lines which means opposite to ‘Lost’.

Answers :

  1. Hearts
  2. ‘I’ in the first  line  refers to the poet.
  3. The poet indicates that the people who have  fallen in love with these beauties like venus and  Helen are  fool who thought that they are 
  4. ‘Earned; means opposite to ‘lost’.

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Extract  – 3

O may she live  like some green laurel

Rooted in one dear  perpetual place.

My mind , because the minds that I  have  loved,

The short  of beauty that I have  approved ,

Prosper but  little , has dried up of late,

Yet knows that  to be choked  with hate

May well be of all  evil chances chief .

If there’s no hatred in a mind

Assault and battery of the wind

Can never tear the linnet from the leaf.

Questions :

  1. Find a word from the stanza which means ‘everlasting’.
  2. Find a word opposite to ‘ rejected’.
  3. Verb form of the word ‘beauty’ is ………….
  4. Who is ‘she’ referred to in the first line of the above stanza?
  5. How should the poet’s daughter live?
  6. ……….. that I have 
  7. What is the result if there is no hatred in mind?


  1. ‘Perpetual’ means ‘everlasting’.
  2. ‘Approved’ is the opposite to ‘rejected’.
  3. ‘Beautify’ is the verb form of ‘beauty’.
  4. The daughter of the poet is referred to as ‘she’ in the first line.
  5. Like some green laurel  –  a perpetual tree.
  6. The sort of beauty.
  7. The man would flourish and gain popularity.


Extract  – 4

An intellectual hatred is the worst,

So let her  think opinions are accursed .

Have I not  seen the  loveliest woman born

Out of the  mouth of Plenty’s horn,

Because other opinionated mind

Barter  that  horn and every good

By quiet natures understood

For an old bellows full of  angry wind?

Questions :

  1. What are the evil effects of “Horn of  Plenty”?
  2. What is of the worst kind in poet’s eyes?

          (a)  Angry wind         (b) quiet nature.

         (c) Opinions               (d) intellectual hatred

  1. What does opinionated mean?
  2. Make noun from the  word “intellectual”.


  1. It gives birth to hatred toward mankind.
  2. (d) intellectual hatred
  3. It means tending toput forward one’s views forcefully.
  4. ‘Intellect’ is the Noun form of ‘Intellectual’.


Extract  – 5

And may her bridegroom bring her to a house

Where all’s accustomed , ceremonious;

For arrogance and  hatred are the wares

Peddled in the  thoroughfares.

How but in custom and in  ceremony

Are innocence and  beauty born?

Ceremony’s a name for the rich horn,

And custom for the spreading laurel tree.

 Questions :

  1. What wish does the poet make here for his daughter?
  2. ……………… a name for the rich
  3. Give a word similar in meaning to ‘habituated’.
  4. Make adjective form of ‘arrogance’ and ‘hatred’.

Answer :

  1. The poet wishes that his daughter should be married in a traditional family.
  2. Ceremony’s.
  3. ‘Accustomed’ is similar in meaning to ‘habituated’.
  4. ‘Arrogant’ and ‘hateful’ are the adjective forms of ‘arrogance’ and ‘hatred’ respectively.

A Prayer for My Daughter- Extract


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