A Lie Has No Legs

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Today we are going to tell  you a story  A Lie Has No Legs . so friends if you like  share it A Lie Has No Legs.

A Lie Has No Legs

The story is very old  A Lie Has No Legs . Two friends  used  to live in a small village near Kashi. One was  religious – minded name Dharma – Buddhi , the other was  sinful  called Paap -Buddhi. They were fast friends. They were business partners also. 

One day they decided to make a fortune in some distant place.  .They set out  and reached a town. Both were hard-working and  intelligent. In a short time they earned a lot of money. when they felt homesick, They  started for their  native place. As they reached close to their village. the evil – minded said, ” Dear Dharma-Buddhi, was must not take all our money home. First, the people will feel envious of our wealth. Secondly , they will request us for loans.

Above all , it would be difficult to arrange for our safety and security.” 

“What do you suggest them?” the noble-hearted one asked.

“Let us take with us only a part of our wealth and  bury the rest under  the peepal tree. we’ll dig it out whenever needed,”  suggested the wicked  one.

Dharma-Buddhi liked the  suggestion. keeping only a small part of the money , they deposited the rest in a pit.


The two friends lived happily in the  village. the wicked one was  greedy, that was the  reason why he had advised his friend to bury the  treasure under the tree. The very next day he dug it out , and  left the empty vessel in the  pit.


After a few days , the  noble minded one  needed money. He requested his friend to accompany him to the tree  he dug out the pot but found it  empty. He accused  his friend of foul play..

“No never . It is the work of some  thief,” said the  sinner in his self defence. 

“But how did the thief came to know about the treasure? You are that thief”, said Dharma-buddhi.

“You are calling me a thief without any evidence” , the sinner said. 

“I’ll  take the case to the court. The judge will set the matter straight.”

The Judge heard the petition carefully and said , “Have you got any witness?”  On hearing it dharma-Buddhi kept quiet because there was  nobody around, when  they had buried  the treasure, nor could he prove that Paap-Buddhi had stolen the treasure. He submitted, “Sir , although I can produce no witness in support, It is certain that  we two alone knew the secret of the treasure. So I can  dare say that my friend has robbed me of my hidden treasure .”



“But my lord , I have a witness to prove my innocence. It is the Peepal tree under which we two had  buried our treasure. You  shall have to go to the forest to hear the tree  because it can’t come here.  Do me this favour, Sir!” Paap-Buddhi requested. The magistrate agreed to accompany him to the forest.

The wicked man went back home and narrated the story to his father. He confessed that he had  stolen his friend’s gold. He suggested, “Tomorrow you hide in the  hollow trunk of that tree.  When the magistrate asks you  about the thief , tell him  that Dharma-Buddhi himself is the thief.”

 “My son, you have done an  unpardonable wrong to your friend,. Give his share back to him. It is a  sin to cheat your friend,” advised the father, but the sinful son was  very cunning. He persuaded his father to sit inside the hollow trunk.

Early next morning the part that included the magistrate, the  two friends and some court employees went  near the peepal tree.

The magistrate asked the tree who had dug out the hidden treasure. 

” I know the culprit, ” came a voice from inside the tree , every body was surprised.

“The thief is dharma-buddhi himself.”

The magistrate angrily took the  complainant to task. Dharma-buddhi stood calm and quiet for  a while. Then he collected some dry straw, pushed it inside the trunk and set it a fire.

As soon as the flames rose, the  father hiding inside the tree shouted, “I admit that i told you a lie. The treasure was stolen by my son, not the good man.Please  save my life!”

Dharma-Buddhi himself put out the fire and rescued his friend’s father. The magistrate sent the lying thief to prison.

So keep in mind , my children A Lie cannot  have its own way for  long. For a while falsehood appears to have the upper hand but truth wins at last. 

A Lie Has No Legs

A Lie Has No Legs