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today we are going to tell you about  of chapter 8 of general english how can ask the question of mp board examination . test paper  of general english for 12 class . those who solve this questions get the high marks  in  exam ………..


                                                               REVISION TEST -8                                   M:M-43

Q.1. Read the following passage carefully and Answer the questions given below.         12      Garbage is a great environment hazard. it comes various sources used paper, Tiffin, packing’s, plastic bags, ice-cream wrappers, bottle caps, fallen leaves from trees and many more. Garbage makes the premises ugly, unkept and breeds diseases. A lot of  trash that is  thrown  away contains material that can  be  recycled and  reused such as  paper, metals and  glass which can be  sent to the  nearest recycling center or  disposed of to the  junk dealer. it also contains organic matter such as  leaves which can  enrich soil fertility. A compost pit can be made at a convenient location where the refuse can be placed with layers of soil and an occasional sprinkling of water. This would help decomposition to make valuable fertilizer. This would also prevent pollution that is usually caused by burning such organic waste.

Que :(A) The main  source of Garbage in present conditions –

1.Household thins      2.Plots and other materials      3.water and Liquid          4. Plastic bags

(B) Leaves can enrich …… fertility.        

  1. water             2. Soil           3. Air          4.human body

(C) The noun form of the word recycled. 

  1.recycle           2. Recycling            3. Recyclingly           4. To recycled

(D) Give the meaning of the nearest.

  1. Closest         2. Closely       3. Far          4.far away

(E) Give a great environmental hazard.    

1.water  pollution       2. Air pollution      3. Garbage         4.all of these

(F) Garbage makes premises.        

1.clean             2. Beautiful             3. Ugly            4.dry

(G)we can dispose garbage to a .    

1. grocer           2. Vender         3.bookseller           4.Junk dealer

(H) Garbage can be reused by :      

1. Re-selling      2. Recycling          3.Repairing       4. Renovation

(I) what are the sources of Garbage’s ? 

(J)   Mention two things which help organic waste to change into fertilizer in the compost pit.

Q.2. Last month you bought a digital camera from  Modern Electronics,Jabalpur . Now you find something wrong with it .It is not  working properly. Write a letter to the  dealer complaining about the  problem.       6


Q.3.  Write a letter to your friend  and advising him to study English ,Maths,general knowledge and  reasoning for competitive Examination .                  6

Q.4.Imagine yourself to be the Export Manager of Deepali Overseas Ltd, Mumbai. You need charted accountants for Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore offices .write an advertisement for a national daily offering an initial salary of Rs.20,000/-per month with free accommodation . complete the advertisement in 50 words.        5


Q.5. Answer the following Question-             14

1. who was Swami   Arvasu ?

2. what happened when Birju went to collect firewood?

3. How did the poor woman trick her hungry children to sleep?

4. what did Swami Arvasu think on seeing the celestial vehicle?     

5. what miracle did the sage and his followers witness the next morning? 




GENERAL ENGLISH 12 CLASS              

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