MP Board 12 class Revision Test-5

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Today we do a revision test -5 best for MP Board exam

Revision Test -5

Q.1. Read the following passage carefully and Answer the questions given below.          12

Nationalism of course is a curious phenomenon which at a certain stage in a country history gives life, growth , strength and unity , but at The same time , it has tendency, to limit one because one thinks of  ones own  country as  something different from the rest of the world. The perspective change goes and one is continuously think of ones own struggles and virtues and failing to the exclusion of other thoughts. The result is that the same nationalism, which is the  symbol of growth for a people becomes a symbol of the cessation of that  growth in the  mind. Nationalism ,when it  becomes successful, sometimes goes on  spreading in an  aggressive way and  becomes a danger internationality .whatever line of thought you follow , you arrive at the  conclusion that some kind of  balance must be  found, otherwise something that was  good can turn into civil .culture, which is essentially good, become not only static but aggressive and  something that breeds conflict and  hatred when looked at from a wrong point of view. How you are to  find a balance, I do  not know. A part from political and economic problems of the  age  perhaps that  is the  greatest problem, today because behind it  there  is a  tremendous conflict in the  sprit of man  and a tremendous search for  something it cannot find . we  turn to  economic theories because they have an doubted importance. It is  folly to talk of culture or  even  of god when  human  being stare and die, before  one can  talk about anything else one must  provide the  normal essential of life to human beings. That is  where economics comes in . Human being today are not  in the  mood to tolerate this  suffering and starvation and  inequality when they  see the  burden is not equally shared. Other profit while  they  only bear the  burden.

  1. 1. Nationalism is a symbol of :    pride       2..     Humbleness          3.   Growth         4. Culture.
  2. Culture is essentially good but become : 1. dynamic                 2.   static            3.    Worse      4.  Rotten
  3. 3. We can find balance when we turn to : economics             2.   history         3.   culture      4 geography
  4. The word ‘starve’ in the passage means : 1. hunger                    2.  poverty          3. lackof strength       4.diseases.
  5. 5. According to Nehru nationalism is a ….Phenomenon. : 1. natural  cultural         3.curious            4.ethical
  6. 6. What is the verb form of ‘conclusion’ :  include          2.conclude           3.conclusive            4.concludable
  7. 7. It is folly to talk of culture when : 1. Human being starve and die 2 . The burden is not equally shared culture become successful                      4. Nationalism becomes successful
  8. 8. The noun form of ‘tolerate’ is : tolerance       2. Tolerable        3. Tolerably       4. Toleration
  9. 9. When does a society become static ?  (10)  According to Nehru when  is it  folly to talk about culture or God ?


Q.2. write an advertisement for giving a constructed space on rent.        Or                                                                     5

Write a Notice as Head girl of the school for a Meeting to preparations discuss about celebration of annual function.


Q.3Write, with the help of the words given below, a shot note on, Importance of Developing Reading Habit’:      6

(i) Field of knowledge expanding fast, (ii) Reading at school limited to subjects offered, (iii) Extra reading necessary for rounded personality, (iv) Creation of generation gap, (v) Continuous reading necessary to keep up-dated, (vi) Reading makes a full man.    

Q.4. Answer the following Question- 1. when do we experience inner peace

  1. What are comfort zones?                3. what are natural laws? how do they  affect our lives ?
  2. what are governing values? How can we identify our governing values?
  3. why should we leave our comfort zones and how? 6. . How can we have more by giving more?

Q.5.Answer the following Questions-     1. what did wooden always focus on?                                                    

  1. what do you understand by the statement ‘ Make each day your masterpiece’? Explain.


MP Board 12 class Revision Test-5

MP Board 12 class Revision Test-5