9.To a Skylark (11th EM)


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9.To a Skylark

                                       Special English               – P.B.Shelley

Class -11th 

Q.1. why is shelly not able to define the skylark? How does the skylark exceed the capacity of human language to describe its Qualities or the Qualities of its song?

Ans. Shelly is not able to define the skylark because the skylark remains unseen. It has no physical appearance. Even then it sings melodious note incomparable. The bird is carefree and light-hearted. The song of the poet is full of spontaneous overflow and creates a mystery in the poet’s mind. The song of the bird exceeds the human language because it over-powers the whole universe. The song that the heavenly bird sings surpasses the music produced by human being.

Q.2.Why does the poet use the similes in place of direct definition? Do they adequately describe the skylark?

Ans. The poet uses similes in the place of direct definition. These are ‘blithe spirit’, ’unpremeditated art’, ’unbodied joy’. These similes suit the ‘skylark’ because it sings spontaneously. It is free from all cares and fears of worldly life. It is not visible; even then its song soothes the entire world.

Q.3. Why does the poet cal the skylark’s song “unpremeditated art”?

Ans. The poet is call the  skylark’s song “unpremeditated art” because it flow spontaneously with carefree mood . it has  heavenly joy and  freedom so, it is “unpremeditated art”. Preplanned art does not passes these qualities.

Q.4.why does the poet compare the skylark’s flight to an unbodied joy?

Ans. The melodious note of the skylark resounds throughout the atmosphere. It echoes the earth and air and the bird remains invisible. It is so because it goes up higher and higher while presenting its note .even then its note is heard everywhere. It is felt that the singer is somewhere nearby. So the poet calls the bird’s flight an ‘unbodied joy’.

9.To a Skylark (11th EM)

9.To a Skylark (11th EM)