9.If by Rudyard  Kipling

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If by Rudyard  Kipling


                                                      –  Rudyard  Kipling 

Q.1.How does the  poet want his  son to  react to loss?

Ans. The poet wants his son to bear his loss  cool headedly. He should not  highlights his loss in public. He behaves in the  proverb weep and  weep alone , ‘Nobody wipes the tears of a loser.

Q.2.How does the poet want his  son to  deal with crowds,kings and commoners?

Ans. The poet wants his  son to keep his virtue while talking to the  crowds. He should  be  conscious of his  position in society while walking with a king . he should never deal with commoners with a sense of pride.

Q.3.”If is a poem with a clear cut moral message. Explain.

Ans. If   is a poem with a clear – cut moral message because the poet very clearly inspires the readers to cultiviate the  virtues which are very essential for achieving perfection in life . he  guides the  readers to be  neutral both in loss and gain , friendship and enmity . he also guides that a man should have a balanced mind and should not lose  his temper . he must make the best use of his time to be complete  man.

If by Rudyard  Kipling


9.If by Rudyard  Kipling