Q.1.   write an advertisement for giving a constructed space on rent. 



 Offices /shops/godown/building/plots of different sizes readily available in different prestigious locations with all modern facilities in Gwalior. Rent negotiable .

R-1 construction


Mob.No. 9425725226

Q.2.   your  father has been  transferred to another city .you want  to sell certain  house hold goods . Design  as  suitable advertisement to be  published in a local newspaper. 2014 


For Sale

One Refrigerator – LG Company Capacity 200 Lit. Running good  condition.

One Coloured T.V. – Videocon flat screen 2014 Model, good Condition.

Under Warranty Period. Owner Shifting to another city.



Mob.No. 9425725226

Q.3.Imagine yourself to be the Export Manager of Deepali Overseas Ltd, Mumbai. You need charted accountants for Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore offices .write an advertisement for a national daily offering an initial salary of Rs.20,000/-per month with free accommodation . complete the advertisement in 50 words.



Charted Accountants

For Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore offices with experience of two to three years. Initial salary Rs.20,000/-p.m. + Free accommodation send your resume to                                                                                                                               The  Export Manager Deepali Overseas Ltd., Mumbai     or                                   

   Mail to

Q.4.Write a classified advertisement for ‘Lost and Found’ column of a local newspaper stating
the loss of your books and important document while travelling in a local bus.  sup14


Lost and Found

Lost a bag containing books and other  important document On 26 January 2017

At about 11:30A.M. while travelling in Gwalior to Bhopal  MPRTC bus .

Sender will be rewarded .

Contact  : 9425725226 are the social secretary of your school. The school is organizing a science exhibition from 18th to 24th April will be  open to everyday from 9 1 p.m. and 4 p.m. to 8 p.m..Design a poster to be up in front of various school for publicity.


Visit                             Enjo                                 Encourage

Science Exhibition

Organized by the students


Govt.H.S.School Gwalior

From       :   18th to 24th April2017

Time  :      9 am to 1 p.m.

                 4 8 p.m.

it’s open for all

Q.1.your school is organizing annual function . Draft a formal invitation to be printed, you are writing on behalf of the  principal. Write the  name of the  chief guest and the  guest of  honour.

Govt. Gajraraja Girls H. S. School Gwalior


Co-ordially invites you to its annual function which is going to be celebrated on 4th Januaryto 5th January 2017 as per programme  listed below. Mr.J.K.Sharma,Dy.Commissioner, Adiwasi  Vikas has consented to be  the chief guest  and Dr.H.K.saxena,the principal of  Govt. college , Gwalior will be the  guest of  honour.


Inauguration                   – 04.01.2017

Literary Programmes    – 12 p.m.

Cultural Programme      – 8 p.m.

Prize Distribution           – 05.01.2017

Rakesh  Sharma                                                     

(Gen. Secretary, Student’s Union)                                                                                         

Q.2. You are Raaz Sharma of 394,Pathak Colony Gwalior.You are holding a dinner to  celebrate the  Golden  Jubilee of your parents’ marriage on 10th March2017.write an informal invitation to invite your  friend Ravi Sharma of 14 D.D. Nagar, Gwalior.



Dear Ravi,

You will be glad to know that my parent’s golden jubiles marriage anniversary is on 10th March2017. I and My brother  have arranged a dinner at our house only.we haveinvited all our friends and close relatives.

I hope you will make  it convenient to reach here by 8:00 PM.

 Yours Loving

     Raaz Sharma