LETTER & Application WRITING -1

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LETTER & Application WRITING -1

Today i am going to tell about  you something how to write  a letter and application. and good marks in mp board  examination and developed our personality  to improve LETTER & Application WRITING -1


Q.1. Write a letter to the District Health officer drawing his attention to the insanitary conditions prevailing in your locality.

Ans.         To,

The Health officer,

Nagar Palika Parisad

Gwalior (M.P.)

Subject: Insanitary conditions of our Colony

Dear Sir,

I beg to draw your kind attention to the insanitary conditions of our colony. There are pits at every step in the streets. They become pools of dirty water during the rainy seasons. The mosquitoes breed on them and spread Malaria. The sweepers and the water carriers neglect their duties for many days. Heaps of rubbish lie scattered in the streets.

You are requested to take quick measures to improve the sanitary conditions.

Your faithfully

Sachin Dubey

 Q.2. write an application to the collector of your district for imposing a restriction on the use of   loudspeakers.   2013,2015

Ans.   394,Shiv Colony

Street no.6 Guda

Gwalior (M.P.)



The collector

District Gwalior

Gwalior (M.P.)

Subject:  – Restriction on the use of loud speakers.


I beg to state that our examinations are drawing near. I would like to draw your attention to the fact that people play on loudspeakers on every occasion, for a long period and till late hours in the night. This creates a lot of disturbance in our studies.

Hence, I request you to impose a restriction on the use of loudspeaker till our examination  are over.

Thanking you,

Yours faithfully

R.K. Sharma

Q.3.you are the monitor of your class. Your classroom is not cleaned regularly . write an application to the principal of your school requesting him to look into the matter.



The principal

Govt. H.S. School Gwalior (M.P.)

Subject : – Application for regular cleaning of our  classroom.

Respected sir,

I beg to state that I am the monitor of class 12th of your school. Our class is not regularly cleaned. the servant of our class cleans it once or twice a week only. We have asked him many times to clean the class daily but he is quiet lazy.

Hence, we request you to kindly pay attention to this problem and order the peons to clean our classroom properly and regularly.

Thanking you ,

Date ……………….

your obediently


LETTER & Application WRITING -1

LETTER & Application WRITING -1