Revision Test – 2 Class -12 HM

Revision Test – 2 Class -12 HM

Q.1. Read the following passage carefully and Answer the questions given below.

Discipline means obedience to the established rules of conduct .certain rules have been laid down in every society to control and regulate the life and activities of its members so that the society as a whole may progress in harmony and peace .if any of these rules is broken .there is trouble and society suffers. in fact the discipline is very basis of progress in every sphare,  public or private .a man without a discipline is like an engine without a brake. A society that has no rules or whose members do not confirm to its rues soon fall into pieces. In games to discipline is necessary .every player has too obey his captain and carry out his commands whether he likes them or not. In army discipline is more necessary. An army without discipline is no better than a lawless mob.In  the same way a school or college cannot run if the  boys do not observe the rules and regulations of the  institutions.Teaching is impossible if the boys do not keep discipline cultivates a spirit of respect for elders and  superiors teaches gentlemanly behavior in society and meek submission to anypunishment that may be  inflicted due to is the duty of every student to observe them if they want to build their character and prosper in life.

Questions : (A) 1.The  opposite of  harmony is………..       

2.Adjective form of obey is ……..

3.verb form of teaching is ………………… 

4. Why are certain rules laid down in the society ?

5.Discipline ‘ means …………..                            

 6. Discipline is necessary in games to ………..

7.A Discipline man is like  an engine without ……..              

 8. A  suitable title to the passage is …………

(B) 1.why  are  certain rules of conduct laid down by the society?

2.what will be the result if boy d not keep discipline ?

Q.2.fill in the blanks with suitable articles.

  1. The sun sets in … west .  
  2. 2.he is …… M.A. in English            
  3. 3. My mother  reads …..Ramayan.
  4. The farmer bought …cow and ….ox.
  5. 5…..Ganga is a sacred river.
  6. 6. My uncle is …University professor.

7.Ram is  ….N.C.C. Cadet.

8. I have already spent …few rupees  I had.

9. .… book you want  is not with me.

  1. The train left half ….hours ago .
  2. 11. ……. Mahabharat was written  by Vedvyas.
  3. she is ………..M.B.B.S from Delhi university.
  4. 13…Gold is……. Precious metal .
  5. 14. only …best  quality is sold by us.
  6. 15. Swimming is  …. Great  fun .
  7. 16. Govinda is  ……M.P. from Mumbai loksabha constituency.
  8. 17. Sachin  is ….best player in  our team.
  9. 18.Italy is  …. European  country.
  10. he has more than ……….thousand rupees.
  11. 20. His father  is …… MCA.

Q.3. Do as directed –

  1. He teaches hindi. (change into negative)       
  2. 2.He does his duty well .   (change into negative)

3.I did it .  (change ino negative)                            

4.Sanjay shut the door.  (change into negative)

5.Her father  teaches her hindi .(change into past  simple tense)

Q.4. Answer the following question.   (Any five)
  1. what was Mini doing in the balcony ?  
  2. 2. what disability did she have?   
  3.  3.  How was the bird fed?     
  4. Why did the neighbourhood children not become friendly  with her ?

5 . Being spastic , what could Mini do and what could  she not?                     

  6. Describe the duck’s farewell

7 . who do you think the story is about , mini or the duck ?why? are  the head boy/girl of your school . Draft a notice in not more than 50 words for  house captains and vice captains to  attend a meeting presided over by the  principal to prepare a plan for the  annual function.