17.Torch Bearers

17.Torch Bearers *(10 H M Q.ANS)

17.Torch Bearers

Q.1.What did the old  merchant decided about his money ?          – W.M.Ryburn

Ans. He decided that he would not divide his money between his two sons. He would give it all to the  one who  proved himself to be  the  cleverer of the  two.

Q.2. why did the  old merchant give his sons a test ?

Ans. He wanted to give all his money to his son who proved himself to be clever of the  two . so he  decided to given them a test.

Q.3. what should we do if we love our country?

Ans. If we  love our country and  want to  serve it , we should try to become good citizens.

Q.4. what is our responsibility towards our country?

Ans. Our lives must be such that wherever we go and wherever we live, other people should feel better for having been with them.

Q.5. why was the old merchant very pleased with his second son?

Ans.  When the second son went out with his rupee he did not go straight way to bazaar .he sat down and begin to think, then he bought candles and lighted them .the house was full of light. he had shown wisdom so the  merchant was very pleased with him.

Q.6. ‘A Chain is as strong as its weakest link? ’ Explain.

Ans.  A chain is made of links. If a chain is to be made strong, each link should be strong. If any link is  weak than the  whole chain is weak. If one of them breaks the chain is as stands broken, even if other link s are strong. So it is  said that a chain is as strong as its weakest link.

Q.7. why did guru Nanak spend the night in open?

Ans. He come to a village .the village were rude and inhospitable and  would Not let him stay anywhere  in village . so he had to spend the  night  in open.

Q.8.what is the responsibility of a student when he/she leaves the school?

Ans.  Each student who leaves the school has a  flame  to carry which he has to passes to others. He has  been  given knowledge and skill. There he should pass on  by using them in the  service of  the country.