In Memoriam (- Lord Alfred Tennyson)

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In Memoriam (- Lord Alfred Tennyson) TODAY  I am going to tell about some thing Memoriam ( Lord Alfred Tennyson) to support 


15.In Memoriam

                                                                                – Lord Alfred Tennyson

Q.1.What does the  poet say about the memories of the  dead  people ? 2013

Ans. He says that we should    forget  the grief for the  dead people, because it drives out the energy of our mind.

Q.2. what does poet say about his sad songs ?

Ans. He says that his mournful songs should be thrown out. Forget them.

Q.3. what does the poet want in place of greed for wealth?

Ans. He wants the commom love of good in place of greed for wealth.

Q.4.what are the  things suggested by the poet that  we should leave? 2015

Ans.the poet has suggested us  to leave the following things-

Falsity  grief, the  quarrel of the  rich and the poor, slowly dying cause, ancient forms of  party strife, the want, the care, the sin, the  faithless coldness of the  time, mournful songs, false pride, civic slander and the  spite, shapes of foul discase, lust of gold and thousand wars of old.-

Q.5. what things should be adopted in our life according to the poet? Sup 15

Ans. According to the poet we should adopt these things-

‘Truth, Redress to all mankind, nobler modes of  life with sweeter manners, purer laws, good hopeful songs ,Love of truth and  right, common love of good and peace and happiness.

Q.6. what does the  poet want  in place  of greed for wealth ?

Ans. He wants  to common  love of good in place of greed for wealth.

Q.7. What would be a proper replacement for war  culture?

Ans. The  proper  replacement of  war  culture would be thousands of years of world peace.

16.The Red Rice Granary

Q.1.Why was the  writers invited to Bangalore ?                   –  Sudha Murty

Ans. She was invited to Bangalore by a reputed company to deliver a lecture on Corporate Social Responsibility.

Q.2.what did the write ask her grandparents when she was young?

Ans. She asked them that why they should eat the red always at the night when it is not good. And why we give those poor people the better quality rice.

Q.3.what is the real service to God according to the writer’s grandmother?

Ans. According to the writer’s grandmother real service to God is to serve others with whatever you have. Give them the best in you never the second best. God is with the people. And service of the people is service to god

Memoriam ( Lord Alfred Tennyson)

Memoriam ( Lord Alfred Tennyson)

Memoriam ( Lord Alfred Tennyson)