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Opportunity for Youth

today we are going to telling about of 10th class  lesson 13,14

13.Opportunity for Youth

Q.1.why did Pt. Nehru write ‘The Discovery of India ?’             –  Jawaharlal Nehru

Ans. Pt. Nehru wrote ‘The Discovery of India not only for  mere curiosity but because  he  wanted  a proper reconciliation of his  thought and  activity.

Q.2. Who is the happiest man according to Pt. Nehru ?

Ans. According to Nehru the happiest man is he whose thinking and action are co-ordinate.

Q.3. which type of people are not liked by Pt. Nehru ?

Ans. Pt. Nehru did not like people who have  no pride and  ambition and  are  just sloppy person.

Q.4.what should we think about according to Pt.Nehru?

Ans. According to pt Nehru we should think about the five year plans. We must have thousands of trained people. They must be trained in mind and have some vision and understanding of the world picture.

Q.5. what is reading ?

Ans. Reading  is getting other people’ thoughts and weighing them.

Q.6.what is the  folly in which the  people of  every country indulge?

Ans. People of every country indulge in the  folly that they think their  country is the  greatest country.

Q.7. what is the  silliest pride ?

Ans. The silliest  of all  types of pride is the  pride of getting money.

Q.8. what makes us great ?

Ans. The  mere act  of aiming at something big makes us big.

Q.9. which Quality of Mahatma Gandhi is  described by Pt.Nehru? what  did  Mahatma Gandhi do?

Ans. Pt. Nehru described one of the  Qualities of mahatma Gandhi. It was  that  Gandhiji managed          to draw out the good  in another  person . the other  person may have  plenty  of evil in him . but he somehow  spotted the good and laid  emphasis on  that good.

14.The Pot of Gold

                                                                                                                 – Hitopadesh

Q.1.what  were the qualities of Subuddhi and Kubuddhi ?

Ans. Subuddhi was an honest man  and led a good life . Kubuddhi was a  wicked man and led a life  of  drinking and  gambling.

Q.2. why was the judge surprised when  he  heard the  voice of the  goddess of the  forest ?

Ans. The judge  was  surprised to  hear that  an  honest man  like subuddhi  could steal his  friends gold.

Q.3. what was the problem before the judge hearing the matter of Kubuddhi and Subuddhi?

Ans. The problem come before the judge that there was no witness.

Q.4.what was the decision in the  case of Kubuddhi & Subuddhi?

Ans. The decision  was  that  Kubuddhi was  ordered to give all the  eight hundred gold coins to Subuddhi and Kubuddhi was  sentenced to  prison for wickedness.

Q.5. what was Kubuddhi’s Plan  to cheat his friend?

Ans. When kubuddhi finished all his money he went  back to  forest dug up the pot , took all the money and  buried the empty pot under the banyan tree. After a month  he went to Subuddhi and asked him  to go along to the forest to take an  equal amount of gold coins. When the pot was found empty he accused Subuddhi of stealing the gold.

Opportunity for Youth

Opportunity for Youth

Opportunity for Youth

Opportunity for Youth