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Q.1. Who was Bhama Shah ?   2015                              – J.P.Singh

Ans. He was  the chief minister of  Mewar.

Q.2. what did Pratap singh say to his son about Mewar ? sup 15

Ans. He asked him to look his  last upon Mewar where he was boarn . it was meant for his inheritance.

Q.3.why did Bhama shah travel as pilgrim?

Ans. He travelled as pilgrim because in the way soldiers of Akbar lay encamped.

Q.4.what title did Pratap Singh give to Bhama Shah?

Ans. He gave him the title of ‘Saviour of Mewar’.

Q.5.what was Pratap Singh’s reaction after listening to Bhama Shah’s Views?                  2013

Ans. Pratap Singh said that if good days came and the sesodias plant again the emblem of the sun about chittor, Bhama shah’s family should be  still further honoured. He  said he hailed him, as  savior of Mewar.

Q.6. Describe the qualities of  Rana Pratap. 2015

Ans. Rana Pratap was a great patriot and a brave man. He loved his motherland Mewar very much. Akbar wanted to seize his kingdom and attacked him. Rana Pratap fought bravely but his army and his funds were very less in comparison to Akbar’s he  was  compelled to leave Mewar. Still he wanted to regain the freedom of his motherland. With help got from Bhama shah he  re-attacked Akbar. His army fought bravely. He sacrificed his life for  his mother land.

Q.7. who come to meet  Pratap singh  in the  disguise of Brahmans?

Ans. Bhama shah come to meet  Pratap singh  in the  disguise of Brahmans.

Q.8. Why did Pratap singh call Bhama Shah ‘The savior of  Mewar’?

Ans.Rana Pratap was  attacked by Akbar  and forced to leave Mewar. He was  encamping at the  foot  of Aravallis . he  was very much depressed. He left all the hope of regaining his  kingdom . at this  time Bhama Shah come and laid all his  money in the feet of Rana. He asked him  to raise the armay and regain the Mewar Kingdom. This was a great  service  of Bhama shah to his  motherland. So Rana Pratap called him The Saviour of Mewar.

Maharana Pratap about

Maharana Pratap about

Maharana Pratap about

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