8.Of Studies (11th EM)


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8.Of Studies

                                                                                                                                                                    – Francis Bacon

Special  English 

Class – 11 th 

Q.1.What are the three uses of studies?

Ans. Delight ,ornamentation and ability are the three uses of studies.

Q.2. what is affection concerning books ?

Ans. Too much use of studies for  ornamentation is affection.

Q.3. Which type of people admire books?

Ans. Simple men admire books.

Q.4.Which sort of books can be  studies through extracts made by others?

Ans. Meaner sort of books can be  studies through extracts made by others.

Q.5.What makes a man ready?

Ans. Conference makes a man ready.

Q.6.What is the use of moral philosophy?

Ans. The books concerning natural philosophy provide depth.

Q.7.Which sport is proper for curing the disease of lungs?

Ans. Shooting is proper for  curing the  disease of  heart.

Q.8. What should  a person, whose mind wanders, read to cure him of their wandering?

Ans. The person, whose mind wanders, should read mathematics.

Q.9.Why are schoolmen called ‘hair splitters’?

Ans. Schoolmen are called ‘hair splitters’ because they discussed question like- why fire is hot and water is wet. How plants and animals grow, why men act and think as they do.

Q.10.What sort of people should study the schoolmen?

Ans.  The persons whose wit is not apt to  distinguish or find difference should study the schoolmen.

Q.11.What does Bacon mean by “ studies pass into and influence manners”?

Ans. According to the author, this statement means that studies give us talents. They make us deep in knowledge and influence our manners. They teach us good manners.

8.Of Studies (11th EM)

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