10.Tribute – ii & 11.wind


10.Tribute – ii & 11.wind

TODAY WE ARE GOING TO TELL ABOUT OF LESSON  10  OF CLASS  10  HM  10.Tribute – ii & 11.wind

10.Tribute –II

                                                                                                    Das Benhur

Q.1.why did Babuli’s mother leave the place where the division was taking place?

Ans. Babuli’s mother was not present at place of division because she might have felt the  scene of  division piercing.

Q.2. How has the author described the paddy fields?

Ans. Every where in the paddy fields the  author could feel the  imprints of his elder brother’s feet, palm and fingers . on the bosom of the fields sparkled the pearls of his  elder brother’s sweat.

Q.3 who proposed to buy the  share of the  land given to Babuli ?

Ans. Babuli’s second brother proposed to buy the  share of the  land given to him.

Q.4. why did Babuli give the paper slip to his elder sister-in-law.?   2015

Ans. He gave the paper slip to his elder sister –in-law because he had no courage to meet his elder brother.

Q.5.write a short note on the sacrifice of Babulie’s elder brother.

Ans. Babulis elder brother was a noble and large hearteed man. Like a perfect gentleman he was looking at the proccedings dispassionately .he was  calm and  composed. He put his wrist watch among the things of  household. He was  sincere to his duties.


Q.1.who takes the  kites high?      2015, sup  15           -Virginia Wolf

Ans.wind takes the kites high.

Q.2. what does the wind always do ?

Ans. The wind always hides itself.

Q.3.How does the wind work ?

Ans. Wind always does different things.it pushes it  blows all day long.

Q.4. what are the  types of work of the  wind as described in the  poem ? sup 15

Ans. The poet felt him  push and heard him  call it blows all day long and sings a loud song.

Q.5.What does the poet want to know about the ‘blower’ of the wind? Sup 15

Ans. he wants’ to about the wind who is  blower whether he  is young or old and he  is a beast or a child stronger than him.

Q.6. what does the poet want to know  about the wind?

    Ans. He wants to know  whether wind is old or young.

Q.7.what does the poet ask in the  last stage.?

Ans. In the last stage he asks whether he is a beast  of field  and tree  or just a stronger child than  him.


10.Tribute – ii & 11.wind