8.One Step Ahead & 9.Tribute –I

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today we are going to tell you  8.One Step Ahead & 9.Tribute –I class – 10 hm 

8.One Step Ahead

Q.1.Why did Dr. Kalam go to Delhi?     2015                          – A.P.J. Abdul Kalam

Ans. He went to Delhi to appear for interview at DTD & P(air).

Q.2.Why did Dr. Kalam go to Dehradun?

Ans. He went to Dehradun for his interview at the Air Force Selection Board.

Q.3. Why did Dr. Kalam go to Shivanand Ashram?

Ans. He went to Shivanand Ashram because he wanted to seek doubts that troubled him.
Q.4. Why did religious conquest not affect the southern part of India?

Ans. Southern India was not affected by religious conquest because it was behind the shield of the Vindhya and Satpura mountain ranges.

Q.5. What did Dr. Kalam feel when he was going to face the interview? Sup 15

Ans. he was excited but nervous, determined but anxious ,confident but tense.

Q.6.What did Dr. Kalam want to become in Air Force?

Ans. He wanted to become a pilot in Air Force.

Q.7. What was the designation and salary of Dr. Kalam when he joined the job?

Ans. His designation was Senior Scientific Assistant and his salary was Rs. 2500/- p.m.

Q.8. How should we take our failure?

Ans. We should forget our failure as it is essential to lead us to our destined path. Success is never certain and failure is never final.

9.Tribute –I

Q.1.Why did Babuli Shrink within?                                                – Das Benhur

Ans. He received a letter from his elder brother. He shrank within for not writing letter home all these days.

Q.2.why did Babuli’s mother complain?

Ans. She complained that he was negligent in writing to her.

Q.3.why did Babuli’s brother write him a letter? Sup 15

Ans. Babuli’s brother wrote him calling him home. Some quarrel had cropped up. their paddy fields , the  cottage and  all movables and unmovables  were to be  divided into three parts amongest them. His presence was compulsory.

Q.4.what was the reaction of Babuli’s wife when she heard about the division ?

Ans. She was unperturbed. She reacted to it as if she was  all prepared and waiting for this  event to take  place . she asked Babuli’s what would be their share and how much would fetch them on  selling it.

Q.5. why did Babuli’s mother  stop  complaining ?

Ans. He kept  quiet to prove that he was  busy and  pre-occupied so he was not  writing letters. She  probably understood his position so she stopped complaining.

8.One Step Ahead & 9.Tribute –I


8.One Step Ahead & 9.Tribute –I