4.Children *(10 HM Q.Ans)


Q.1. what happen when the poet looks at the children playing?2013                                   

Ans. When the poet looks at the children playing his anxieties vanish away.

Q.2 where do the windows open?    2013 ,2015

Ans. They open where thoughts are swallows and the brooks of morning run.

Q.3 what lies in the heart of children?

Ans. In their heart there are the birds and sunshine.

Q.4.what has the gladness of the children compared to ? Do you agree with the comparison.

Ans. Gladness of the children is compared to the sweetest songs. we do  agree with this comparison.

Q .5.why does the poet say that the children are better than all ballads?

Ans. The poet says so because the ballads are dead things while the children are living poems.

Q.6. what are the children doing on shining day?                         2013

Ans.  The children play round the sunny garden on shining day.

Q.7. how does the  poet compare his heart with the heart of children? Sup 15

Ans.there is  a big contrast between the heart of the poet and those of  children . in  the hearts of the  children there are birds and sunshine while in the  heart of the  poet, there is wind of Autumn and the  first fall of  the  snow’s

Q.8. when do the problem of the poet end and why?

Ans. His problem disappear when he hears children at play . it is  because children are pure hearted and carefree . they love without any selfishness.

Q.9. what does the poet compare to the caresses of the children and their looks?

Ans. He compares them with all our clever plans and wisdom of our books.