8.Ends And Means (12 HM Q.Ans)

8.Ends And Means

                                                                                           – Ramendra Kumar

Q.1.who was Swami   Arvasu ?    2014    sup 15 , 2016

Ans. Swami   Arvasu was a monk who roamed the villages along the river Ganga’s with his small group of followers.

Q.2. what was Swami Arvasu doing under the banyan tree?        Sup 14

Ans.Swami Arvasu was addressing a group of people who were listening discourse from Gita.

Q.3.what happened when Birju went to collect firewood?

Ans. When Birju went to collect the firewood the whole village was asleep .at this odd time of midnight he didn’t want to disturb the villagers. so he was wandering in search of firewood. Suddenly he heard a sound of frying something.

Q.4. How did the poor woman trick her hungry children to sleep?

Ans. The poor woman was sprinkling water on the pan on every second by making the impression that food was being cooked, the children were very small and innocent so they couldn’t differentiate between reality and illusion and went to sleep hoping for food.

Q.5. How did Birju help the woman feed her children?

Ans. He broke open the lock of a grocery store and filled two bags with provisions which he gave to the woman.

Q.6. what miracle did the sage and his followers witness the next morning?   2017

Ans. They saw that a celestial vehicle descended from the sky and a well dressed man come out of it he looked for Birju and took him away with him.

Q.7. what did Swami Arvasu think on seeing the celestial vehicle?

Ans. He thought that it had come to take him to heaven and that his moment of Nirvan  had come.

Q.8. what , according to Brahmadutta ,made Birju the thief,nobler than Swami Arvasu,the sage?

Ans. Birju’s theft last night was for feeding the hungry and nit for any personal gain. This made his dead nobler and he surpassed Swami Arvasu , the sage.

Q.9.what did Birju see when he peeped into the hut? 2016

Ans. Birju saw two children huddled up in a corner and a woman trying him to give them an impression that something was being fried.