7.In The Country (12 HM Q.Ans)

7.In The Country (12 HM Q.Ans)  

7.In The Country (12 HM Q.Ans)

                                                                              –  W.H. Davies

Q.1.some important meaning-

  1. word                                   syn/similar                                 Ant/opposite

  Life                                        –                                                           death

Sweet est                                –                                                           sourest

Wood                                     forest                                                   –

Hear                                        listen                                                   –

White                                      –                                                             black

Poor                                        –                                                           rich

Sad                                          –                                                           happy

Wan                                        looking pale and weak                 –

 Wretched                               extremely bad/unpleasant                      –

Empty                                     –                                                           full

Admire                                    praise                                                 –

 Small                                      –                                                           great

 Starve                                    to suffer or die because you do not have enough food to eat

Misery                                    great suffering of the mind or body             .

creeps                                     to move slowly ,quietly and carefully because you do not want to be seen or heard.

Groan                                      make a long deep sound  because you  are annoyed ,upset or In pain.           

Q.1. what kind of life does the poet find in the woods?   2014 , 2016 , 2017

Ans. The poet finds the sweetest and happiest life in the woods. The people don’t starve there and they are carefree.

Q.2. what is selfishness according to the poet? Sup15

Ans. According to the poet to fly from human suffering is selfishness. One who avoids poor creatures in misery is a selfish man.

Q.3. what is the difference between a selfish man  and a helpless man?                 2013

Ans. A selfish man always think for his own  well being. He is never worried for the his own well being .he is never worried for the miseries and the sufferings of others. While a helpless man wants to help his fellow human beings though his own poverty does not let him do so.

Q.4. why does the poet not admire the beautiful sights of the city?

Ans. The poet could not admire the beautiful sights of the city because he sees miseries and sufferings of people around these beautiful buildings, statues and trees.

Q.5. what happens when the poet visits the great place in the city.

Ans. The poet loses his cheerfulness when he visits the great place in the city.


7.In The Country (12 HM Q.Ans)