7. A Prayer for My Daughter

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Today we are going to tell you about  7. A Prayer for My Daughter by William Butler Yeats friends its a poetry  for the exam  so read and share it 7. A Prayer for My Daughter 


Lesson –7

A Prayer for My Daughter 

                                                                  William Butler Yeats

Some  important Questions  & Answers

Q. Answer the following Question –

Q.1.What is the  poet’s opinion about ‘overmuch beauty’? Does he want his daughter to possess it ?

Ans. The poet wishes that his  daughter  be  granted beauty and  yet not beauty  to make  a stranger’s eye distraught . He  doesn’t  want  overmuch beauty  for his daughter. Women who are  beautiful , begain to take it as an  end  in itself  

Women forget their ‘natural kindness’ and  are unable to  respond  sincere lovers. In fact  here  the  poet  had  in his  mind the  beauty of  Maud Gonne , his girl friend who rejected his proposal for marriage . 

7. A Prayer for  My Daughter Question & Answers

Q.2.Explain the symbol ‘ Horn of Plenty’.

Ans. The  poet while  referring to the ‘Horn of Plenty’  indicates  a  mythological symbol . The horn  of a goat represented as  overflowing  with  flowers , fruit and corn. Thus it symbolises plenty and prosperity . The poet while using this symbol makes a  wish that his daughter should  be  granted with beauty but she should not follow the path of some   beautiful ladies like Helen or  Venus  or  Maud Gonne who  out  of their  foolish thought or pride spoiled their beauty and  domed  to  their  misfortune for them even the  Horn of Plenty proved to  be bad.  


Q.3.What qualities grow when the  mind is without hatred? 

Ans. For the  poet  hatred is the  greatest evil and  brings  only  misfortune . He  himself has   suffered  a lot For  this evil.   So he wishes that  his daughter should be free from it.  If  the soul is  free from  hatred , no  misfortune  can possibly  ruin the  innocence  and  cheerfulness of a  person .His daughter  if not  touched  by hatred would  be capable of enjoying an inner peace and happiness . Her soul  will be able  to  find its fulfillment within itself . She  would  remain  always happy  even in the  midst of misfortune and the  hostility  of the world.  

7. A Prayer for  My Daughter Ques.& Ans.