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today we are going to tell you 6.THE NEW PLAYER IN THE TEAM…….

6.The New Player In The Team  *(10 HM Q.Ans)

Q.1.why was Mamta’s selection in the school team a surprise to everyone?      – Minakshi G.Jain

Ans. It was a surprise for anyone , because she had  joined the  school only a month before.

Q.2.what qualities did the coach notice in Mamta?

Ans. The coach noticed these qualities in Mamta –

(1).her passes were good.        2. She was physically fitter than any other girl.

Q.3.what was the challenge before Mamta?

Ans. The remarks of Saba and Reema that if Mamta was taken in the team they would not be able to win the  inter-school trophy was a challenge before Mamta.

Q.4. why did the girls not hope to win the competition?

Ans.They were not hopeful to win the competition because the school had never before even reached the semi-finals.

Q.5. why did  the girls refuse to make  Mamta their friend ?

Ans. They refused to accept Mamta as their friend because she had come from a small-town.

Q.6. How did the fighter in Mamta come out ?

Ans. Snide remarks of Hema And  Reema brought out the fighter in her.

Q.7. How was Mamta able to change her image in school?

Ans.Mamta winning the Race changed her image in school.

Q.8. how did her class –mates behave with her?

Ans. Most of the girls in the school came from rich families. They treated her as an unwelcome guest who was too low in status by their standards.

Q.9.  What made Mamta win the race?

Ans.  She felt that winning against the school champion would help her some how in her basket ball game. This feeling made her winning the race.

Q.10. How did the Coach support Mamta?

Ans. The Coach admonished Saba not to be mean. He said that there is always a first time for everyone. He asked them whether they were unable to see her good passes and she was fitter than anyone of them. In this way he supported her.

Q.11. What made Mamta a good basket ball player?

Ans. The acceptance of challenge put by Saba and Reema and the snides passed by Reema and Hema made her resolute. Finally hard practice made her perfect. These things made her a good basketball player.