6.Cherry Tree (11th EM)


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6.Cherry Tree (11th EM)

6.Cherry Tree

                                 Class – 11 th               -Ruskin Bond

Special  English

Q.1. what difficulties did the cherry tree face in growing up?

Ans. The cherry tree faced several difficulties in growing up. It was not watered but once. It was suppressed by growing grass. The goats grazed its leaves and the grass-cutter scythed the plants.

Q.2. what is the miracle? How was it caused by the time and rain?

Ans. Miracle is a sudden happening that is done by gods or some supernatural power. The same thing is with the cherry tree. The time and the rain caused the cherry seed to grow into a tree. The small plant faced difficulties yet it grew up.

Q.3.What does the poet refer to in ‘five month’s child’?

Ans. The poet refers to the cherry tree as five month’s child for it was very small.

Q.4. the poet says, its arms in fresh fierce lust. What do you mean by ‘its arms’ stand for?

Ans. ‘its arms’ stand for the branches of the cherry tree.

Q.5. Mention two things that the poet saw when he was trying to look at the sky through the leaves of the cherry tree.

Ans. When the poet was trying to look at the sky through the leaves of the cherry tree, he saw two things.

Those things are these:  1.The finches flying and flitting.

  1. The bees sucking nectar from each bloom of cherry tree.

Q.6. what is the poet trying to say in the expression ‘cherries have a way of growing’?

Ans. “Cherries have a way of growing” means that nature has its own way to protect the natural objects and the world. The cherry tree grew into bloom under the care of nature .the process of the nature is unstopped.

6.Cherry Tree (11th EM)