5.The Sneeze

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5.The Sneeze (10 HM Q.Ans)

Q.1. Who was Tcheriviakoff?                                          – Anton chekhov

Ans. Tcheriviakoff was a minor official.

Q.2. why did Tcheriviakoff feel ashamed?

Ans. He felt ashamed because he sneezed on   an old man’s heard, sitting in front of him.

Q.3.who was the person on whom Tcheriviakoff sneezed?

Ans. He was general Brizjloff of department of highways.

Q.4.what did Tcheriviakoff wife advise him?

Ans. She advised him to go and apologize. he might think you don’t know how to behave in society.

Q.5. why did Tcheriviakoff die?

Ans. The general became very angry. When he saw Tcheriviakoff again  asking for  pardon. He become irritated .he asked him to get out this shocked Tcheriviakoff and he died.

Q.6. What did Tcheriviakoff think after sneezing ?

Ans. Tcheriviakoff  thought – “ I sneezed on him . he is not my chief , but still it is  awkward. I must apologize.

Q.7. What was Tcheriviakoff doing in the opera house?

Ans.  He was watching a famous opera.

Q.8.  What happened in the opera house?

Ans.  Tcheriviakoff sneezed.

Q.9.  How did Tcheriviakoff apologize in the office ? How did the general react?

Ans.  Tcheriviakoff reached general’s office He was busy in listening to the petitioners. When he became free he raised his eyes to Tcheriviakoff. Tcheriviakoff started telling the previous day’s incident and wanted him to excuse. The general was annoyed. He said that he was talking about the same thing. It was nonsense.

5.The Sneeze

5.The Sneeze