5.Our Casuarina Tree (Que.& Ans.)

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Today we are going to tell you about some important Questions & Answers of Lesson -5  Our Casuarina Tree by  Toru  Dutt  of Class – 12 EM Special English  notes5.Our Casuarina Tree (Que.& Ans.) 

Some  Important  Questions & Answers

Lesson  – 5

Our Casuarina Tree 

                                                                                       –  Toru  Dutt

5.Our Casuarina Tree (Que.& Ans.) 

Q. Answer the following question.

Q.1. Explain ‘Unknown, yet well known to the eye of faith with reference to the poem. 

Ans.  Here  the poetess  say that  it is quite unreal to see a tree mourning or weeping. No  one  has ever seen it crying or    wailing, but  she says that it is still  well- known fact  for one’s faith. If one can believe one can feel it to be real.

Q.2. How does the poetess compare the creeper to a huge python? What characteristic of the tree has been highlighted by it ?

Ans.  ‘Our  Casuarina Tree’  is a fine specimen of an ode in which the  poetess highlights a tree and her emotional attachment with  it . Humanising the tree , the poetress magnificence and  grandeur to the tree. She compares it with a python  known for its huge size and dazzling spotted body. She says that the tree bears  all similarities of the  python. A creeper grows around its trunk. It seems to be  embracing the sky .

Q.3. For  what reasons is the  Casuarina tree dear to  the  poetess?  

Ans. The  Casuarina tree is dear to the poetess for many reasons. The  first  is its magnificence. It is tall and grand  too look at . it  is  dazzling like a python. Its generosity  is unique. It  gives  the shade , cool breeze, and repose. One feels relaxed here.

 The other reason  is that the poetess has spent  all her childhood  under its shade. So the tree  is an  integral part  of  her  life  for  having  memories of her life.

Q.4. How  intense and  heart –felt ia the tree’s mourning for Abju and  Aru?

Ans.  The poetess has humanized  the tree .the tree is sad of  the death  of her  brother and sister . Tree shares  her  sorrow  with  its  dirge –like  murmur which the  poetess seems to hear . she also feels the tree  waiting  like  sea  breaking on a shingle beach. the poetess wants to highlight the  humaised features  of the  tree  which  seem to be so  connected with the  human affection.  

5.Our Casuarina Tree (Que.& Ans.)