5. Dilemma of the Scientist(11th EM)


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5. Dilemma of the Scientist


Special  English 

Class – 11th

Q.1. “The scale of the damage at Nagasaki drained the blood from my heart then and does so now as I speak of it.”

Ans. It means that the author is extremely shocked to see the damage at Nagasaki. The sorrow is still haunting his mind and heart. The author has not yet forgotten the shock.

Q.2.”We do not change the world by what we wish but how we do “

Ans. The author says that we can bring the change in the world by our actions not by thinking. To change the world, we have to change our thoughts into actions.

Q.3.”The scientist in this work is the servant of the nation and he must not dictate to it, even about his own discoveries”

Ans. The says that scientists are   slaves of the nation or the government. They cannot do or discover what they wish. They are hired or employed according to the need of the nation.

Q.4.” I believe that nations can choose widely, and democracy can prove its powers, if scientists are willing to become teachers to them.”

Ans. The writer believes that scientists are intelligent and capable of doing a lot. With their help everything can be set properly and democracy can prove to be real in case scientists become teachers.

Q.5.What forced the Allied scientist to invent an atomic bomb?

Ans. It was known during the Second World War that Germany was trying to make Hydrogen bomb. The Allied scientists thought that if Germans succeeded in making the bomb, Hitler would be the master of the world. Germany would become super power all over the world. So, the allied scientists were forced to make the bomb to maintain there position.

Q.6. why did the Nazis lose the race to invent the atomic bomb?

Ans.German thought that they were ahead of the Allies. But, what they had done was pitiful. They had not a pile that worked and believed that the fast chain reaction of an atomic bomb was not possible. So, Nazis lost the race to invent the atomic bomb. Moreover, there were no enough unconventional ideas in the German atomic projects.

Q.7.Why is the writer against the people who say that the scientists should not invent or discover sources of fearsome power?

Ans. According to the writer’s views, the community lake decision whether they want peace or war. The y want bomb to be made or not. Scientists are not to dictate to it. They only do what they are asked to do.

Q.8. what freedom does the writer demand from the society for the scientist?

Ans.The writer demands that scientist must be free to follow his conscience as any citizen is free in peace or in war. The community should not impose its views on the scientist.

Q.9. Trace the history of the invention of the atomic bomb and writer in about 150 words.

Ans. A German scientist named Habur succeeded in making atom bomb by splitting the atom. For his work he was awarded Nobel Prize in 1944-45. It was America that first of all tested the atom bomb in the desert of Mexico. Later on, to bring the world war second to an end. America dropped two atomic bomb on Japan. One was dropped on Hiroshima and other on Nagasaki on August 6, 1945 and on August 9, 1945. The cities were completely destroyed. The world got frightened. America came out as the most powerful country of the world.

                 Later on other countries began to make atom bombs. Soviet Union made bomb. China has also succeeded in making bomb. India has also made underground nuclear test. She has commised to use the nuclear energy for peaceful purpose. 

5. Dilemma of the Scientist(11th EM)


5. Dilemma of the Scientist(11th EM)