1. A Letter to God & 2.The Selfish Gaint

Short stories

  1. A Letter to God
  • Objective Questions :
  • Q.1. Lencho wrote to the God for hundred pesos because :

(a)he wanted to purchase new clothes(b)to resow the field

(c)he had to marry his daughter   (d)none of the  above

Q.2 The  character named Lencho appears  in which story prescribed in your syllabus :

(a)The selfish Gaint                                     (b)The Malefactor

(c)ALetter to God                            (d)The Last Leaf

Q.3. The main Character of the story ‘A  Letter to God ‘ is :

(a)Rencho                                         (b)Lencho

(c)Betal                                              (d)Denis

Q.4. That is why people say that …..without understanding is of no use :

(a)happiness                                                (b)kindness

(c)friendship                                                 (d)hardness

Q.5. what does Lencho call the  post office people :

(a)bunch of  stupid                                     (b)good people

(c)bunch of crooks                          (d)none of the above

Q.6. Where was the farmer live :

(a)Dublin                                           (b)Mexican

(c)Russian                                         (d)none of the above

Q.7. Who helped the Lencho :

(a)God                                                           (b) Son

(c)Postmaster                                              (d) none of the above

Answer -1.b, 2.c, 3.b , 4.b, 5.c, 6.b , 7.c.

2.The Selfish Gaint

Q.1.”Love for children and  surrender of one’s self-interest is the  safest road to heaven “ is the theme. What is the name of the story which represent the  above theme :

(a)The Selfish Gaint                                    (b)The Luncheon

(c)The fortune Teller                                  (d)The Refugee

Q.2 It true that love of children is the beginning of all virtues. Which story reveals this facts :

(a)The last Leaf                                            (b)The Lost Child

(c)The Selfish Gaint                                    (d)Home Coming

Q.3.The story ‘The Selfish Gaint ‘ is written by :

(a)David                                                         (b)Oscar wilde

(c)O.Henry                                                    (d)Wren and Martin

Q.4. Where was the gaint live :

(a)Dublin                                                       (b)Karad

(c)Cornish Ogre                                           (d)none of the above

Q.5. Who come the last day of gaint’s life and took him to heaven :

(a)his friend                                                  (b)his neighbor

(c)little boy                                                   (d)not mentioned in the story

Answer – 1.a , 2.c ,3.b ,4.d ,5.c.