1.The Language of Science

 Q. 1.Objective Questions :

Q.1. What is the special word for ‘top’ :

(A)Laptop                                        (B) Apex

(C)Top                                              (D)High

Q.2. What is the common word for ‘apex’ :

(a)high                                            (b)Laptop

(c)top                                               (d)low

Q.3 scientific word for  ‘ top ‘ is :

(a)base                                           (b)apex

(c)vertical                                       (d)perpendicular

Q.4. Periphery means :

(a)internal boundary                   (b)external         boundary
(c)flat                                              (d)upright

Q.5. What is the special word for ‘slanting’ :

(a)oblique                                       (b)lateral

(c)base                                             (d)bottom

Q.6. What is the common word for ‘edge’ :

(a)periphery                                   (b)bowl

(c)flat                                               (d)at the side

Answer – 1.B , 2 .a , 3.B ,  4.b , 5.A ,6.A.


2.Desalination or the Desalting Processe

Q.1. He couldn’t ……such a  luxury .

(a) Consumption                                            (b)Reference

(c) Afford                                                         (d)Vapour

Q.2.One word for ‘something new that is ‘introduced ‘ is  :

(a)  Spam                                                        (b)crystal

(c) exorbitant                                                (d)innovation

Q.3.  Removing  of salt from sea water is  :

(a)innovation                                             (b)desalination

(c)saline                                                       (d)render

Q.4. Substance that  destroys slowly by chemical action is called :

(a)spam                                                        (b)corrosive

(c)non-corrosive                                         (d)crystal

Q.5. Saline means :

(a)salty                                                         (b)brine

(c)condense                                    (d)cistern

Answer -1.c ,2.d ,3.b ,4.b ,5.a

3.Safety Practices

Q.1.Adequate means :

(a)satisfactory                                             (b)act of stopping

(c)helping                                                      (d)public money

Q.2. Prevention means :

(a)stopping                                                   (b)act of not doing

(c)replenish                                                  (d)act of well being

Q.3. The meaning of the word ‘Prevention ‘is :

(a)act of not doing                                      (b)act of stopping

(c)act of illness                                            (d)act of well being

Q.4. one word for a mischievous trick is  :

(a)horseplay                                                 (b)prank

(c)distract                                                     (d)scuffle

Q.5.something insufficient  means :

(a)inadequate                                               (b)accumulate

(c)enhance                                                   (d)further

Q.6. what do you mean by scuffle  :

(a) Awerness                                                (b)distract

(c)hazard                                                       (d)confused fight or struggle

Q.7. What do you mean by ‘horseplay’ :

(a)noisy fun or play                                     (b)a mischievous trick

(c)wrong understanding                         (d)none of the above

Answer- 1.a,2.a ,3.b ,4.b ,5.a ,6.d ,7.a.

4.Non-conventional sources of Energy

Q.1.Biogas is a :

(a)renewable source                             (b)Non-renewable source

(c)renewable/non-renewable           (d)None

Q.2.The place where things are  or may be stored :

(a)replenish                                                  (b)reservoir

(c)respository                                              (d)fertilizer

Q.3.what do you mean by  ‘artificial manure ‘ :

(a)stabilizer                                                  (b)fertilizer

(c)man hour                                     (d)map

Q.4.The sun is the source of…………. Energy .

(a)tidal and wave                                        (b)solar

(c)biogas                                                       (d)biomass

Answer- 1.a ,2.c ,3.b ,4.b.