4.The Brook – Alfred Tennyson


 TODAY WE ARE GOING TO TELL YOU 4.The Brook – Alfred Tennyson , Special Brook , friends  this post is related to  class – 11th em  and other   poetry . its important to  exam purpose  some important questions. Brook (11th EM) Alfred Tennyson  Special Brook

 4.The  Brook (11th EM)

4.The Brook                  

                                                    – Alfred Tennyson

Special  English 

Class – 11th

Q.1. Who is the ‘I’ in the poem and what does he do throughout the poem?

Ans. ‘I’ in the poem is the ‘brook’ itself. He speaks as human speaks. Throughout the poem, he goes on flowing through the path, rough and smooth.

Q.2. where does the Brooke flow to and what happens in the end?

Ans. The brook flows to the brimming river in the end. It goes on and on along with the river water. Movement is the continuous process of the brook.

 4.The  Brook (11th EM)

4.The  Brook (11th EM)

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CBSE BOARD 4.The  Brook (11th EM)


4.The Brook – Alfred Tennyson