4.Dream – Children : A Reverie 

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 Lesson – 4

Dream – Children : A Reverie

                                                                                                                 -Charles Lamb

Some  important  Questions & Answer 

Q. Answer the following question.

Q.1.Write a character –sketch of Lamb’s grandmother.2009

Ans. Lamb’s grandmother had a  pleasing personality . she was highly religious . she was  beloved and  respected by everybody. she was  very particular and  prompt in her duties . she was  fond of children and  always enjoyed to be  with  them during holidays. she was tall , upright and graceful. she was a good dancer and  was so popular among the commoner that her  funeral was attended by a concourse of all the  poor and some of the  gentry of the  neighbourhood from  miles away.   

Q. 2. Describe how  Lamb used to  move about in the garden of the great house.   2016

Ans. Lamb was a  peculair child . he never  liked to be in a company. so , he  usually spent his time  alone . He  used to  roam in the  big mansion. he also walked along the big spacious old fashioned garden, where he  sometimes met with the solitary man , gardening , who never liked him roam in the  garden or allowed him pluck any flower or fruit.

Q.3.Justify the title of the essay, “Dream children : A Reverie”  2010

Ans. The title of the essay Dream Children : A Reverie is very appropriate in the  context  of its  theme. The writer tries to unfold his unfulfilled desire. For  this , he creates the images of two children  who act in a real manner . He tells them all his memories of life. He utterly desired to have a family and children which was never fulfilled. the situation of the  essay appears to be a real life situation. He  shows similarity between Alice the  the  Mother  and Alice the daughter .He also shows similarity of  fair between the  two and  through the children he reveals and satisfies the  realities of  his life . 

4.Dream – Children : A Reverie 

4.Dream – Children : A Reverie 


4.Dream – Children : A Reverie