5.Ten Natural Laws Of Success

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today w are going to be  some  good motivational though  5.Ten Natural Laws Of Success  


5.Ten Natural Laws Of Success

–  Hyrum W. Smith

Q.1. when do we experience inner peace?    Sup 14, 2016

Ans. We experience inner peace when we obey natural laws.

Q.2. What are comfort zones? 2013 ,2015 , 2016

Ans. Comfort zones may be external or physical , mental ,emotional social or psychological in these we feel comfort

Q.3. How can we free up time?

Ans. We can free up time by daily planning.

Q.4. what are natural laws? how do they  affect our lives ?2015 , 2016

Ans. Natural laws are fundamental patterns of nature and life. if we  obey them we  gain  better control of our lives have improved relationships, increase our own productivity and experience inner peace

Q.5. Distinguish between ‘time management ‘ and  ‘event control ‘ ?

Ans. ‘ Time management ‘ means  scheduling  your  activities in such a way that you are able to  accomplish the  assigned task  within  the given  deadline.

‘ Event control ‘means controlling the events in your life in such a way that it is Beneficial  to you.

Q.6 what are governing values? How can we identify our governing values?

Ans. Governing   values control the priorities of our lives and are the foundation of our personal success and fulfillment .we can identify them by identifying the priorities.

Q.7. why should we leave our comfort zones and how?   2014

Ans. We should leave our comfort   zones if we want to reach any significant goal in our life . we can leave them by effort and commitment.

Q.8. what happens when we meet needs with incorrect beliefs?

Ans. When we meet needs with incorrect beliefs we end up with negative behavior.

Q.9. How can we have more by giving more?

Ans. When we share our excess things with other people they too will share their excess things with us. hence, we will have more than what we had earlier.