4.Wonderful World

(12 HM) WM/Q.Ans

4.Wonderful World

– William Brighty Rands

Q.some important meaning-

  1. word             syn/similar                 Ant/opposite

Wide              large                           Narrow

Beautiful       pretty                        ugly

Round           –                               square

Curled         surrounded                

Breast          chest                         –             

Drest             clothed                  –

  1. Air                  wind – 
  2.     Wonderful       surprising       –              Wind               air                         –

   Shaking       vibration / Tremble                –

     Walks                move                         –

    Whirls            to move                        –

    Top                 –                                  bottom                                                        

 Que. 1 . on which objects does wind walk?                                Ans. Water        

3. far          –             near    

  Nod        to move one’s head up and down  in agreement or understanding          –

   Cliff    a high area of rock with a very steep side                –

  Isles      used especially in poetry and names to mean island        –

  1. great                   big/large /huge                        tiny

  Shake            tremble                                                                                            Inside                –                                              outside                                          Seemed            embrace /take                        –

  Dot              a very  small thing                       –

  Love         affection / devotion                      hate

   Think       consider / understand                forget                                          

    Que. What does the poet mean by ‘Ah you are so great and I am so small ?

Ans. The poet mean that the earth is very great and he is very small.    

Q.1.what is the attire of the earth?   Sup,  2015

Ans. The attire of the earth is the water of the seas and the greenery on the land.

Q.2. Which action of the wind are described in the poem?

Ans. The wonderful wind is shaking the tree, walking on the water whirling the mills and talking to itself on the top of the  hills.

Q.3. why does the poet regards earth a friend?  2016  , 2017

Ans. The poet regards earth as a friend because it provides us food and water to survive as well as permits us to make gardens and cities on it.

Q.4. what makes the poet tremble?

Ans. The thought of the greatness of the earth and the smallness of man makes the poet trembles.

Q.5. what makes the poet think that man is god’s greatest creation? 2014

Ans. The poet thinks that mans is god’s greatest creation because he is the only one who can love and think but the earth can’t