Prepositions – 10 competitions Examinations

35.After : –  sequence

  • Later than ,showing sequence of time / place.

Ex- 1. June comes after may .

  1. he comes after 10 o’clock.

  2. I will enter after you.

36.Against : – 1. opposition of some kind

   Ex- 1 . I am not  against  you.

         2.That is against  the law.

  • In contact with-

  Ex – 1.He was leaning  against  a tree.

  1. In preparation for –

   Ex – 1.there is an  injection against  cholera.

  3.In return for  (something)-

Ex – 1. Tickets are issued only  against payment of the  full  fee.

37.Along :-  in the  same  line with anything –

Ex-1. the  line  went along the side  of the  wall.

  1. Flowers grow along the side of the wall.

  2. he walked along the river ‘s bank.

  3. Before :- 1.earlier than somebody /something .

Ex – 1. He will come before  lunch.

2.Ajay comes before vijay.

  1. in front of ,in the presence of –

Ex – 1.he stood before  the judge.

  1. he said it before witnesses.

39.Behind :- ke peche

Ex – 1. The dog ran behind its master.

2.she hide behind the tree.