Past perfect tense (voice)

Past  perfect  tense   : –

Rule –     O + had + Been + verb 3rd form + other word + by + subject

  1. I had finished my work.
  2. She had cooked the dinner.
  3. You had written the letter.
  4. He had taken the meal.
  5. The peon had rung the bell.
  6. The washerman had washed the clothes.
  7. The boy had broken the furniture.
  8. You had given a book to me.
  9. Father had written the letter.
  10. The British had developed a nice system of education in India.
  11. The merchants had reduced prices of essential things.
  12. The chief guest had delivered the
  13. The boy had made a doll.
  14. The girls had collected a big fund.
  15. You had finished the
  16. I had waved the flag.
  17. I had sent the parcel.
  18. You had borrowed money.
  19. She had supplied sugar.
  20. The servant had served the meal.
  21. They had published the news.
  22. Army had defended the country.
  23. The postman had dragged the bags.
  24. They had bribed the clerk.
  25. Kajal had not tasted this dash before.
  26. You had disturbed him.
  27. She had posted the letter.
  28. Rekha had already heared the news.
  29. He had sold his books.
  30. The patient had not taken the medicine.
  31. Soniya had not seen the picture.
  32. Ajay had not written such a letter.
  33. They had not phone the police.
  34. They had killed the elephant.