Use Of ‘At’ & ‘In’ for Competitions Exam

Use of some important Prepositions

1.At : – (1At used before  a limited space or time.

Ex  – 1. He lives at Kampoo.

2.she will come at 6 o’ clock.

Note  : –  we use at noon , at  night   in  recognized division of the  day.

(2) At used in village or colony name –

Ex  – 1. I live at  Banwar , 

  1.   He live at Pathak colony.

(3) We use it  in Definate Position and with time.

Ex – 1. He get up at  5 o’clockin the morning.

  1. My brother will return at the end of one hour.

(4) we use in big town where we stay some time

Ex – 1.on my tour to Bombay , I shall stay at Jhansi.

(5) to show rate –

Ex – 1. The oranges are selling at a high rate.

(6) to show time.-

Ex – 1. At day break ,at  sunrise  , at noon  ,at night , at midnight.

(7) to show age-

Ex 1. She got married at twenty.

(8) at used to – Christmas –

Ex –we purchased this ccar at Christmas

(9) at used to special place to show the direction-

Ex – Look at the black board.

(10) at used for hour-

Ex – I shall come at 5 PM.

  1. In : – (1) In used before countries , large town  and a period of time.

Ex- 1. They live in M.P.         2.They live in Gwalior

(2)In used month , years ,  Parts of the day , seasons.

Ex – 1 In  January             2. in 2015

  1. in the morning 4. in summer

(3) it show  the  tomarrow time.

Ex – 1. He will come in a week.

  1. Ram will come to see me in three days.

Note  : – In and at used befor immoveable.

Ex –  1. He is in the room.    2. He is at the top.

(4) to show finished  work.

Ex – 1.I shall finish this work in two hours.

(5) few time running  

Ex – 1. She was married in February.

2.he went to England in 2016

  1. he goes for a walk in the morning.