21 IMP QUESTIONS -12 HM-2020

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Today we are going to tell you about some important Questions of class- 12 HM General English  FRIENDS 21 IMP QUESTIONS -12 HM-2020 FRIENDS READ AND SHARE IT ..21 IMP QUESTIONS -12 HM-2020 

21 IMP QUESTIONS -12 HM-2020

Q.1. Extract……….

1.(A)Teach me to listen Lord

     To those  nearest me

My family my friends  , my co-worker

      Help me  to be aware that

No matter  what words I hear

      The message is

Accept the  Person I am , Listen to me .

Q.1.Find  out the words from  the lines given above which :

  1. has the similar meaning of the word ‘ attentive’.                                   Ans. aware
  2. is the opposite of the word ‘ farthest’ .                                                  Ans.  Nearest

3.Name the poem .                                                                                            Ans.  Teach me to listen Lord

(B)This life is sweetest, in this wood ,

    I hear no children cry for food,

I see no woman, white with care  ,

 No man , with muscles wasting here

Question : find out the word from the lines given above which :

1.has meaning similar to the word ‘forest’.       

2.is opposite of the  word ‘sourest’.

3.the name of the poet who wrote this poem is………


Q.2. what is the overall mood of the poem?

Ans. The overall mood of the poem is that of love, care and devotion to humanity and to god.

Q.3.what was Mini doing in the balcony ?

Ans. Mini was sitting in her wheel chair and watching the children playing in the park outside.

Q.4. Describe the duck’s farewell.

Ans. Mini father took all the children and the duck to nearby lake. The children lifted theirthe duck carefully from Mini lap and gently released him into the lake .he began swimming and shoveling the water with his beak.the children watched him for a long time

Q.5.what is the attire of the earth?  

Ans. The attire of the earth is the water of the seas and the greenery on the land.

Q.6. what makes the poet think that man is god’s greatest creation?

Ans. The poet thinks that mans is god’s greatest creation because he is the only one who can love and think but the earth can’t .

Q.7. What are comfort zones?                              

Ans. Comfort zones may be external or physical , mental ,emotional social or psychological in these we feel comfort

Q.8. what are natural laws? how do they  affect our lives ?

Ans. Natural laws are fundamental patterns of nature and life. if we  obey them we  gain  better control of our lives have improved relationships, increase our own productivity and experience inner peace

Q.9. what are governing values? How can we identify our governing values?

Ans. Governing   values control the priorities of our lives and are the foundation of our personal success and fulfillment .we can identify them by identifying the priorities.

Q.10. why should we leave our comfort zones and how?

Ans. We should leave our comfort   zones if we want to reach any significant goal in our life .we can leave them by effort and commitment.


Q.11.who was Swami   Arvasu ?

Ans. Swami   Arvasu was a monk who roamed the villages along the river Ganga’s with his small group of followers.

Q.12.what happened when Birju went to collect firewood?

Ans. When Birju went to collect the firewood the whole village was asleep .at this odd time of midnight he didn’t want to disturb the villagers. so he was wandering in search of firewood. Suddenly he heard a sound of frying something.

Q.12. what does the brain consist of?

Ans. The brain consists of neurons and glial cells. It is one and a half kilo mushroom of grey and  white tissue of gelatinous consistency.

Q.13. what is a blood –brain barrier? how does it work ?

Ans. A blood –brain barrier serves as a gate-keeper it allows some things to go in but stops others to do so.

Q. 14. Describe the structure of the brain .

Ans. The brain is made up of two hemispheres right and left. it contains about 30 billion nerve cells or neurons. The intertwined roots seen when a sad is lifted from a lawn resemble the intertwined dendrites of the neurons.

Q.15. Explain the storage system of the brain.

Ans. The brain stores each memory in several place so that if one part of the brain cells are destroyed the memory isn’t lost and can be retrieved from other place when needed.

Q.16. How can one reach the temple?

Ans. One who is pure in heart and has dare to climb the heights of unnumbered steps can reach the temple.

Q .17.  who were the  first visitors to the  farm ?

Ans . Birds and  butterflies  were  the first visitors to the  farm.

Q.18. What was Ghasi’s complaint to the  panchayat?  

Ans .Ghasi’s  complaint was that kanchhedi had  stolen his  ass.

Q.19. Make a list of civic duties  as  suggested  by Dr. Kalam .

Ans . The civics duties suggested by Dr. Kalam are as follow.

1.Keep your surrounding clean.2.Planting trees.3.Helping under privileged children.

4.Keep your school campus clean.

Q.20.What are the two meaning of the word ‘cricket’?

Ans. The first meaning is ‘ a small insect ‘ and the other is the name of a game.

Q. 21. Justify the title “The fun they had”.

Ans . The title quite suits the article. Tommy and Margie find an old book  and  learn how the  school were   different in the past from their time and how much  fun the  children studying in those schools  had. It   gives a glimpse of future education.

Supplementary Materials

Q. 1.What makes ‘a team’ ‘a whole’?

Ans. Working together makes ‘a team’ ‘a whole’.

Q.2. which is the world’s highest water fall and where is it. ?  

Ans. The world’s highest waterfall is Angel falls. It is situated in eastern Venezuela in South America.

Q.3. what are the distilled books like?

Ans. Distilled books are like common distilled waters flashy things.

Q.4. what did the author see in his bonnet?

Ans. He noticed steam rising from his bonnet .later he found a hole in the radiator.

Q.5.  why is the Gita beyond the mere  intellect ?

Ans. It is beyond mere intellect because it is essentially addressed to the heart and capable of being understood by heart.

Q.6. what is the simplest form of meditation?

Ans. The simplest form of meditation is focusing on breathing.

Q.7. which is the best place considered for meditation?

Ans. A cool place  with  dim light  and  which  is  relatively quiet the  best  place  considered for meditation.

Q.8.How can you say that nature’s bounty is boundless?

Ans. We can say that nature bounty is boundless because  there are  millions of  things that  nature  has given  to us .natur is very  generous .for millions of  years it is given  millions of people  food ,clothing and  other  necessary articles. It has a great stock.

Q.9. write the central idea of the poem ‘Risks’.

Ans. ‘No risks no gain goes the saying’. ‘Man does not live by bread alone’, says the bible. Needs of man are of various types. Their fulfillment requires hard work and there are many hazards, obstacles and risks. Nature puts challenges and obstacles before him. And in this way his ability is developed. There is risks in every field of life. To achieve something one will have to take risks. a man who  fears taking risks gets nothing.  The  greatest  risks in life is not to take any risks.

21 IMP QUESTIONS -12 HM-2020

Q.10. when does the heart get rest? How much does it rest in a day?

Ans. When beating at a moderate rate of seventy pulses per minute.it rests for15 hours in a day.

Q.11.Where is Chitrakoot situated? How can we  reachChitrakoot? Mention all the three ways.

Ans. Chitrakoot is situated in the  northern spurs of the  Vindyas.

We can reach  chitrakoot in the following three ways –

1.By Air : The nearest airport is at Khajuraho(175km),connected with Delhi, Agra and Varanasi.

2.By Rail : The nearest rail head is at  ChitrakootDham(11km)on Jhansi- Manikpur main line.

3.By Road : Regular Bus service connected chitrakoot with Jhansi, Mahoba,ChitrakootDham, Harpalpur,Satna and Chhatarpur.

Q. 12. What is the best time to visit Chitrakoot?

Ans. The best time to visit Chitrakoot is from October to March.


Q.1. Write a letter to the District Health officer drawing his attention to the insanitary conditions prevailing in your locality.

Ans.                                                                                                            To,

The Health officer,

Nagar PalikaParisad

Gwalior (M.P.)

Subject: Insanitary conditions of our Colony

Dear Sir,

I beg to draw your kind attention to the insanitary conditions of our colony. There are pits at every step in the streets. They become pools of dirty water during the rainy seasons. The mosquitoes breed on them and spread Malaria. The sweepers and the water carriers neglect their duties for many days. Heaps of rubbish lie scattered in the streets.

You are requested to take quick measures to improve the sanitary conditions.

Your faithfully

Sachin Dubey

Q.2. write an application to the collector of your district for imposing a restriction on the use of   loudspeakers.Ans

       394,Shiv Colony

Street no.6 Guda

Gwalior (M.P.)


The collector

District Gwalior

Gwalior (M.P.)

Subject:  – Restriction on the use of loud speakers.


I beg to state that our examinations are drawing near. I would like to draw your attention to the fact that people play on loudspeakers on every occasion, for a long period and till late hours in the night. This creates a lot of disturbance in our studies.

Hence, I request you to impose a restriction on the use of loudspeaker till our examination  are over.

Thanking you,

Yours faithfully

R.K. Sharma

Q.3. Last month you bought a digital camera from Modern Electronics,Jabalpur . Now you find something wrong with it .It is not working properly. Write a letter to the dealer complaining about the  problem.

Ans.                                                                                                                                            394,Pathak colony

Gwalior (M.P.)

March 10,2019


Modern Electronics

Sadar Market

Jabalpur (M.P.)


I bought a digital  camera from your shop on march 1 ,2018 vide  cash Memo 786 dated 1-3-2018. The camera has a one year  guarantee. But  suddenly it developed technical defects. Its switch is not working properly. Flash bulb has gone out and the  pictures are also not clear.

Since the camera is within the guarantee period, I request you to  replace it at your own expenses.

Thanking you.

Yours faithfully


Q.4. Write a letter to your friend Vijay congratulating him on his  brilliant success in the  exams.

Ans.  394,Pathak colony

Gwalior (M.P.)

Nov. 20, 2019

Dear Vijay,

Namaste, I hope you are doing well there. today when  I picked the  morning news paper , I come to know about  your brilliant success in the  examination .your photograph attracted my attention. All the members of my family become very glad to know that your name has been included in the merit list.

Please accept our hearty congratulations .we hope you will have a very successful career.

Rest is O.k.

Truly your

Raj Sharma

Q.5. Write a letter to the collector of your district about the lack of facilities and malfunctioning of the government hospital  of  your  area.

Ans.                                                                                                                                                394,shiv colony

Gwalior (M.P.)

20th November, 19



The Dist. Collector

Gwalior (M.P.)

Subject : – Malfunctioning of the govt. hospital , Gwalior


I would like to draw your attention to the lack of facilities and malfunctioning of  the  govt. hospital and request you to take necessary action so that people may get proper medical facilities. it lacks both doctors and nurses.the room  are not clean properly. necessary medicines are not available. The patients and attendants have to run here and there for tea, food etc. I shall be greatly obliged if you could look into the matter.

Thanking you,

Yours Sincere

Raja Sharma


Q.1.   write an advertisement for giving a constructed space on rent. 



 Offices /shops/godown/building/plots of different sizes readily available in different prestigious locations with all modern facilities in Gwalior. Rent negotiable .

R-1 construction


Mob.No. 9425725226


Q.2.   your  father has been  transferred to another city .you want  to sell certain  house hold goods . Design  as  suitable advertisement to be  published in a local newspaper.


                                                             For Sale

 One Refrigerator – LG Company Capacity 200 Lit. Running good  condition.

One Coloured T.V. – Videocon flat screen 2020 Model, good Condition.

Under Warranty Period. Owner Shifting to another city.



Mob.No. 9425725226

Q.4.you are the social secretary of your school. The school is organizing a science exhibition from 18th to 24th April 2014.it will be  open to everyday from 9 a.m.to 1 p.m. and 4 p.m. to 8 p.m..Design a poster to be up in front of various school for publicity.

Ans.   Visit                                               Enjoy                                 Encourage

Science Exhibition

                                               Organized by the students


                                           Govt.H.S.School Gwalior

                                         From       :   18th to 24th March 2020

                                                Time  :      9 am to 1 p.m.

                                                                4 p.m.to 8 p.m.

                                                           it’s open for all

Q.1.you are  the head boy/girl of your school . Draft a notice in not more than 50 words for  house captains and vice captains to  attend a meeting presided over by the  principal to prepare a plan for the  annual function.


Govt. Girls H.S.School Gwalior

                NOTICE           05.03.2016

Annual function

House captains and vice captains of the  school are hereby informed that a meeting is arranged to prepare a plane for  annual function of the  school. All the house captains and vice captains are required to attend the  meeting . The Principal of the  school will preside over the meeting.

Date       ,: 08.03.2020

Time      : 2 p.m.

Venue   : The Assembly Hall.

Jyoti Sharma

( Head Girl)


Q.2.You are the Cultural Secretary of your school. Draft a notice giving information about the selection of two participants from your school to take  part in the  inter school debate competition.


Govt. Girls H.S.School Gwalior

                                                                                                                     NOTICE                                05.03.2020

Debate competition

The students of the class 11th and 12th  are informed that  the  selection  of two participants from the school to take part in the  inter-school debate is to be  done. The debate will be organized on

Date : 07.01.2020

Time :10:30 A.M.

Venue : The Assembly Hall

Subject of Debate – Should student take part in politics.

Students willing to take part in the debate are required to contact me on or before 6th March 2015 after school.

By order of the Principal


(Cultural Secretary)


21 IMP QUESTIONS -12 HM-2020

Q.3.write a notice for the student notice board inviting volunteers “Blood Donation Camp” to be organised in your schools. You are Abhay Sharma of  your school.


Govt. H.S.School Gwalior

                                                                                                                      NOTICE                        05.08.2020


Our school is organizing a Blood Donation camp on 20th  August 11  AM to 4 PM.A healthy  person can donate blood every three months without any harm to his body. It is a very noble cause.

All are requested to volunteer themselves in this humanitarian task and make this camp a success certificates will be awarded to the donors by the school.

Venue :  The Assembly hall


Abhay Sharma

(Head Boy)

21 IMP QUESTIONS -12 HM-2020

Q.1. write a short note  on  “ Importance of developing Reading  habit “  with the help of  the words given  below.

1.Field of knowledge  expanding fast.2.Reading at school limited to  subjects offered.3. Extra reading necessary for  rounded  personality.4. Creation of  generation gap , 5. Continuous reading necessary to keep up –dated.6.Reading make a full man.


Ans.                                                                Importance of  Developing Reading  Habit

The habit of reading is the best  habit  especially for the  students. It keeps a man  usually  busy. As the field of knowledge is  expnding fast , reading  habit increases our knowledge, widen our  outlook and  sharpens our  intellect.  Reading  at school is  limited to the  course  material offered . extra reading like good magazines, newspapers and other books provide us  with valuable up to date  information . continuous reading habit is  necessary

for  rounded personality .  according  to the  age group , it  is  essential that  great care  must be  exercised  in  selecting th ebest books. English author Bacon says that  Reading make s a full man.

Report Writing

Q.1 You have witnessed an accident write a report for a News paper in 100 word about the accident .

Ans.                                     A Collision of a Lorry & a Maruti car

Gwalior , Sept. 5. 2019

A Very danger accident took place on Gwalior – Agra Road at 12 Noon. It was a serious and sudden Collision between a lorry and a Maruti  car. The Maruti car was running at a break neck speed. It was coming from Morena while the lorry containing 50 passenger took a sudden turn from the bus stop Delhi .theMaruti car struck directly in the mouth of lorry . the driver breathed his last on the spot the four other passenger had serious injuries on their bodies . the passenger sitting in the lorry got a heavy jerk and some of them bruises on their bodies .the victims were taken to the hospital. The police come and  registered a case. It was a shocking accident. To prevent such type of accidents government should take certain measures such as arranging  for traffic police on important crossing of highways. Improving the conditions of road etc.  we should also  be careful in driving our vehicles to avoid a mishappening.




Q.1. write a newspaper report to be  published in a news paper giving the detailed  account of the  inauguration ceremony of the  annual function held  in your school.

Ans.                                                    Annual Function

Gwalior , March 1, 2020

Inauguration ceremony  of the  annual day of the  school  from the  correspondent sudheer  Dubey . annual function  of the Govt.G.H.S.school Gwalior  was celebrated on 5th  sept. 2019 in the  school Auditorium  from 2 to 8 PM.

AnoopMishra , the MLA of the  area inaugurated the  event . he was the  chief  guest in  his speech he exhorted students to become good citizens. The chairman of the function was the collector , Gwalior several other dignetories were the honourable guests. Earlier the principal and the secretaries of the students union honoured them by garlanding one of the  lecturers presented the progress report of the school. The principal also declared the list of the  programmes to be held during next two days. The function ended with the thanks giving speech by the  principal and the  recitation of the national Anthem.



Q. Essay writing –

1.wonder of science 2. Cricket match

21 IMP QUESTIONS -12 HM-2020