20.Teaching in the Tolstay Farm

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20.Teaching in the Tolstay Farm

   20.Teaching in the Tolstay Farm                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          – M.K.Gandhi

 Q.1.What was the  objective of  Gandhiji in  setting up Tolstoy Farm?

Ans. Gandhiji  did not believe in the  existing system of  education. The  objective of Gandhiji in setting up Tolstoy Farm was  to find out the true system of education through his personal experience and experiment . He desired to show  that true education could be  imparted without textbooks through the  parents without the  least  help from outside.

Q.2. Explain the  vocational training introduced at Tolstoy Farm.   2015

Ans. It  was  Gandhiji intention to teach some  useful manual vocation to all  the  youngersters. Therfore ,Mr. Kallenbach was  sent to Trappist monastery. He learnt  shoe – making there . When  he   returned ,Gandhiji n learn  shoe  making from him  . then Gandhiji taught  shoe making to such youngsters as were ready to learn it . Kallenbach and another inmate had  some  experience of carpentry . They had  a small class in  carpentry at Tolstoy farm with their help . Almost  all the  youngsters knew cooking .

Q.3. ‘Mahatma Gandhi was a  great social Reformer’ . write your  views.

Ans. Mahatma Gandhi was a  great social Reformer – Gandhi ji  held different religions in equal regard. He dominated the Indian scene  from 1919 to 1948. His ideas influenced almost every aspect of  national life . He gave courage , confidence and social unity to the  people. He worked Zealously and sometimes he risked his life for the  cause of the  Harijans and communal harmony. He did intensive work for  Harijaqn uplift in the 1930. He also launched an all India tour for  Harjan works and set up Harijan Sevak Sangh to promote their welfare  and uplift . He wanted to  apprise the upper caste. Hindus to first  reform their sins against the  Harijans .He also advised  Harijan to first  reform their social and personal life. He brought equality for women. He. Believed in  Hindu Muslim unity. He made the village the  core of Indian life. He made india conscious of social reforms. His idea of religious unity made new India to be  a secular state.

Q.4.why was Gandhiji not in favour of textbooks?

Ans. In Gandhiji’s view textbooks were not so much necessary. He never wanted to load the students with quantities of books. He remembered his own days when his teachers taught him  things not with the help of  textbooks but by playing a role to the students. Thus the knowledge that he got  was  unshakable and permanent . He  too wanted to do the same for his students.

Q.5.what did the children do  at the Tolstoy Farm?

Ans. The entire work of the  Tolstoy Farm was  done  by the inmates. Gardening was made  compulsory for all except those who worked in the  kitchen, The children took utmost delight in doing  most of the gardening work. They dug pits ,felled trees and lifted loads.

Q.6. Why did Gandhiji regard character building as the proper foundation of education?

Ans. Gandhiji regarded character building as the  proper foundation of  education because it was  his firm belief that good education lies only in a  sound character.

20.Teaching in the Tolstay Farm  

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